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    Nas server

    Hey I'm still a bit away from this but I'm constantly trying to get more research done and keep finding new things. .... I want an htpc that I can use as a gaming center so was thinking of going with a good desktop. .... also want to run my home mostly off my library so was going to make sure I...
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    Sound help ASAP please

    So I've had the AFTV for a whilewithout any major issues. ..just started really getting into pseudo tv and was messing with it and was getting sub titles ....I read somewhere to hit m to bring a menu up and my xbmc crashed (no big happens all the time). Went back in and I have no sound...
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    Direction please

    I've just recently started looking into an htpc and I apologize for posting this before I know more. ... however every 3 Web pages or forums I look at mention something new and I keep taking turns in my research that aren't getting me closer to what I want. when my wife and I finally sell our...
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    Ok I know volume control isn't available on the aftv but volume amplification works perfect. .... if you set the default to the middle and somehow change the controllers volume buttons to adjust amplification then you can have working volume control again with your remote without needed to...
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    Fast forward issue

    I have an aftv with Gotham on it. For some reason when I day forward by pressing up or rightit will just keep going back to the beginning. Originally I thought it was just an issue in the add-on but I transferred a video to it and it did it again in there. An ideas?
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    Remote and game controller

    Just figured I'd share what I came across finally. On the android phone you can get droidmote and use it for a mouse, keyboard, or even Gane controller for the aftv. Works while xbmc is running so no need for a separate app. Here is the thread I found it on...
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    General question

    There are a lot of add ons that show where they are getting the sources from....for example genesis tells me that the link is coming through the add-on Ic*f*lms,flixanity,vkbox, I need all the add-ons loaded to pull this information or access it? With amazing things like genesis I...
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    Custom background image

    Ok,I pushed an image from my phone to my fire tv....I was able to set it as my background image on confluence but the picture cuts off a lot of the there any way to have the picture guy to height? Or would I have to modify it on my computer first?
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    Using home computer as external hard drive

    I've gone through the forum and only seen it mentioned once for moving files. Seeing how I've received a bunch of help,I hope this helps some people. If you want to have an external hd like I do but have come to find out the fire tv does not support this, you can use your computer instead as...
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    Usb splitter

    Anyone know if a usb splitter works on the fire tv? Don't want to waste the money if I don't have to
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    Downloaded video playing

    I'm sure this is answered somewhere so I apologize in advance for not finding it.....I did look. I downloaded a video through Ic*f*lms to my fire tv and the only way I can access it is going through file manager. I was wondering what add-on to use to access the files in the device...
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    Updating from afar

    Ok, may be a long shot. I have a buddy that I want to send fire tv to with xbmc loaded as a present for when his wife pops out his kid....however he would never take the time to learn top update to newer versions of there a way I can log into his system and do it? I know with yatse...
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    Ok running Gotham 13.1, I used to hit up and down to change volum in it shows that it is going up and down but the volume doesn't this a Gotham thing or fire tv thing? And can I fix this?
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    Screen size

    I just got a fire tv and installed gotham 13.1.....amazing so far....however, I've always had to adjust screen size to negative 4% to get it to fit in my screen does not seen to exist in the alliance section. Any help would be welcome thanks
  15. J

    Comic books

    Don't know if there is one, a whole ago I saw it mentioned. Is there an Addon that allows you to read comic books? I've searched on multiple forums can't find it
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    Non supported add-on

    I don't want to step in anyone's toes so I just want to know how to proceed, there's an amazing add-on that is out through someone not supported on this site that is awesome for kids......I know the website they use and there is actually an app for it on cell phones. If someone it's looking for...
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    Blowing this thing up I don't use adb so maybe that's the problem....however,I used drop box to download the one click root, mod collection,ps4, files and installed them in correct order with rebooting each store keeps coming in saying unfortunately the Google play store has stopped or...
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    Addon idea I guess

    I haven't seen this but definitely interested in this. An add-on that pulls all my saved favorites from the different add-ons I have. Also would like to have it where it I can organize the favorites into sub folders. One for my wife, one for me, and one for the kids shows/movies we watch...