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    Network 10 and 7 Australia

    Recently Aussie addons discontinued there repo However for now it still works. Before they shutdown they removed Network 10 and 7 on demand. Anybody know if these can be found anywhere? Is anybody interested in trying to bring these back ? Thanks Thom
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    Bludhavengrayson addons

    Status of your addons. I checked them on KODI 17 and 18. 1.TVPlayer mostly works, I know some of the channels are not available to stream. 2.UKTVPlay OK 3.TVCatsup dead, click on a channel and nothing. So if you can fix TVCatsup your back to 100%. No hurry just thought this might help. I...
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    News addons

    I want to run this by you, you may or may not be interested. There are a lot of news channels that are are available on the app store and Google play that would be nice to have addons for. These have been available on Kodi in the past. I presume they would be legal since they are available as...
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    Direct Downloads unavailable

    When I go to TVAddons addons there is no longer an option to download a repo or addon. Where it used to say download it is now blank.
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    eScapes tv

    There was a channel I used to get on C Band eScapes TV which ran scenic videos with background music. Would love to see an addon for this. Thanks
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    Lost icons

    I have about 60 channels on PVR in Live TV thru Israeli live TV addon using Aeon MQ6 skin. Today for some reason I lost all the icons in the widgets. There still on the screen just blank. Anyone have a fix for this?
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    Network connectivity has been lost

    What does this mean, Network connectivity has been lost. It just started showing up when I connect to Kodi but I have my WI-FI connection rite away so I am connected to the internet. Thanks Thom
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    Sub Menu Backgrounds

    When I put sub menu's in, for example ,WCBS, WNBC, and HGTV in TV shows sub menu the backgrounds are not the same as normal backgrounds in video addon section. They are unrelated for example Myth TV which I don't even have installed or CBC background in both CBC on demand and HGTV Canada. I...
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    Removing Su*** *epo

    Anyway to remove all the Su*** *epo repositories that are on my device but not installed. There are several I want to keep but I want to dump the rest. Thanks
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    Titan TV guide

    Don't know if this is where to post this. I wish somebody could make an addon for Titan TV. I know there is an addon already called Titan but the one I would like is just a guide where you can add your own channels. Titan will add just about any channel in the world. I have it in my I phone but...
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    There is a cable channel called eScapes, it plays nature scenes with music. Anybody know if this is available in any addons? Thanks
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    add source button in Amber skin

    Rephrase. In the Amber skin I can't find file manager or any way to get to add source to add repositories.Need help. Thanks
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    **** TV Guide

    Why no discussion of **** TV Guide, or at least I can't find any. Thanks Thom
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    ABC,CBS, NBC Local news

    It would be nice if the local New York channels newscasts could be added to the network on demand addons. It was nice when we had CBS in Raleigh, WRAL news was on then. Thanks Thom
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    New member

    I have been around a while and just joined TV Addons today. I've learned a lot by reading on this forum. I have a WETEK streaming KODI 15.1. The only problem I'm having right now I've never been able to get TVplayer to work. All other UK addons work using Tunnelbear VPN. Any help would be...