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    Help With my first add-on UrlResolver

    Thanks for the reply Gujal, Yes i did.
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    Help With my first add-on UrlResolver

    Hello, im new to coding and need some help in making my first addon. I have the addon loading and scraping my links from my movie account that i would like to play, but i can't seem to get UrlResolver to work with my code. Can someone help me in adding Resolver so my links will be resolved...
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    Help With my first Add-on

    I'm making my first video add-on. I have the addon made and working in Kodi by adding each video link inside the code one by one. But i would like to use request to get the urls from a hosted txt file and enter them in my code automatically. That way i don't have to code each and every film, and...
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    Help with my first add-on

    Hey guys, I've been working on my first add-on but have hit another wall and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. I have my add-on created and working with a few video sources, but i would like to use Request to populate the links in the code from a hosted txt file...