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    No sources available on a couple TV series ,???

    Is this an error on my end . If not why have the show up ,??
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    Matricom gbox q2 vs Minix neo u1

    What are your thoughts and stability wise ...thx
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    No live/TV on homescreen with Jarvis 16...

    I enabled a client and TV and still no bar on home screen???
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    ac adapter 1amp or 1.5amp???

    i need a new ac adapter for my ouya was wondering if the output is 1amp or 1.5amp???
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    no stream available on 7th s6eason yet i watched 6 seasons???

    why all of a sudden i cant watch the 7th season of a show were i have watched season 1to6. i have this issue with another series also.???\ also how how some shows have no streams available at all? am i allowed to name them on here?
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    just updated to 15.1 via adbfire

    so it updated on top of 14.0 i didnt loose any of my settings or favorite shows . Does 15.1 look any different i dont notice a difference with 15.1 did install it as i check in the settings to make sure 15.1 is installed.
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    do u guys run ouya version of helix (tvmc) or android version

    i chose ouya version but comes up as tvmc what do u guys run?
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    ouya ac adapter looose?

    if i move the ouya power turns off. i dunno if its adapter or the actual ouya . where can i get another ac adapter and or what size is it ?
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    helix is blurry with rca cables but ok with gotham???

    I have helix and gotham installed on the same device. Yet looks blurry/ sort of pixelated with helix??
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    can I save my favourite tv shows and export the favouritesto other devices?

    can I save my favorite tv shows and export the favouritesto other devices?
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    is s video 720?

    Is s video 720 or 480
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    some tv series no stream available on all episodes???

    If there's no severs why have the tv show available??? Or is it a problem on my end
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    how to disable sub titles?

    how can i disable sub titles?
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    app store one click not syncing apps??

    I downloaded a couple apps from amazon website but they are not going to my aftv?
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    "working" for a long time after selecting an episode??

    after i click an episode says "working" for a long time to get to server list??? for 5+ minutes running helix 14.0 i just got aftv and loaded it about 5-6 days ago/...
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    ouya alternates remotes???

    Is there any other remotes I can use I'm getting tired of the controller timing out and shutting off
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    spmc (13.4) vs tvmc (13.2) vs kodi (14.0) on amazon fire tv which is best ?

    which of the above runs the most stable and quickest? is tvmc kodi or gotham cause it says powered by kodi when booting up? its confusing by the version
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    spmc not installing... Device connected and adb is running!!!!

    i chose apk to install. status bar on bottom right just keeps going from empty to full slowly but it never installs spmc???? i got pc on wifi and aftv on wifi....
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    should i install spmc or xbmc?

    whats the diff with spmc and tvmc?
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    kodi wont create a shortcut???

    Gotham creates a shortcut in the browser section but kodi won't????????