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    Question Magic Dragon movie covers?

    Does anyone know why I would be getting movie covers with The Magic Dragon on the Kodi app that I have on my Sony TV, but I'm not getting them on my Shield TV? Both are running The Magic Dragon v1.33
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    Launch Kodi from Home Scren

    Launch Kodi from Home Screen I'm trying to set up Kodi to launch from the Amazon Home Screen using Llama and Ikono TV. For some reason, every tutorial I've followed, doesn't seem to work. I can get the logo to change from Ikono TV to Kodi, but when I click on it, it just opens Ikono TV. This is...
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    Big Knockout Boxing?

    Does anyone know if someone will have the Big Knockout Boxing PPV on tonight?
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    Add metadata?

    Is it possible to add metedata to a movie addon that doesn't have the metadata option?
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    Using flash drive for storage

    I want to use a flash drive to free up some space on my AFTV. I've seen people talk about the thumbnails taking up a lot of space, so I used a file explorer to see for myself. Thumbnails definitely eat up some space, but there's a way bigger folder taking up space. The folder is the...
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    Passthrough with HDMI?

    I have my Kodi Helix set to passthrough in the audio settings, and have all the audio codecs enabled. When I play one of my movies that has DD 5.1 audio, all I hear is very loud static. My AFTV is connected to my Denon AVR-E200 receiver, and the receiver is connected to the TV. I tried a 5.1...
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    Move thumbnails to Windows Network(SMB) ?

    I know there is a way to move all your thumbnails to a USB mounted HDD or thumb drive, but would it be possible to direct them to be stored on my PC, which would be Windows Network(SMB) ?
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    Upgrade from

    I bought a FTV that's on I rooted it, and added XBMC, which is all I use it for. Is there any benefit to unlocking the bootloader, and upgrading the firmware?
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    MPEG4 problems

    I just installed XBMC on my daughter's Windows 7 Dell laptop so she can watch some movies in her room. When I go on Ic*f*lms, every movie plays perfectly, even the 720p movies. The only thing it's not playing, are MPEG4's. They are very laggy and choppy. Do I need to download a codec maybe? They...
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    CEC Remote question

    I have a Sharp TV with the CEC feature enabled. My Sharp remote works really good, but there's one button missing that I really want. On the XBMC remote app that I have installed on my Galaxy S3, it's called "title", and it brings up the movie info while you are watching a movie. Is there any...
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    PS3 Remote?

    Has anyone been able to get the PS3 bluray remote to work with their Pi? I'm hoping I can just buy a BT dongle, and pair the remote to the Pi.
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    Questions about speed

    I'm still trying learn about the Pi,and I'm coming from a PC setup of XBMC. Obviously the Pi isn't going to be as fast as my PC, but I do have some questions. 1. I have the Pi overclocked with the turbo settings(1000/500/500), and an over voltage of 6. It seems to be much quicker now, but are...
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    Openelec update failing

    I got a message saying there was an update for Openelec, so I tried to update my Pi. It downloaded and extracted the files, then rebooted. The main Openelec screen pops up, but I get this error message:
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    Guide for overclocking?

    Is there a guide on how to overclock, without having to remove the SD card? I see bits and pieces of info, but nothing that walks you through the whole process.
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    How's this power supply look?

    I'm going to be ordering a Pi, and I have this power supply lying around. Does it look like it will power the Pi with no issues?
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    OUYA vs Pi

    I just set up my buddy's Macbook to run XBMC on his LCD, because his family is killing him with ATV purchases. They seem to really like it, so he wants to get an alternate unit to replace the Macbook. I was going to set him up a Pi, but started reading about the OUYA. I know the Pi is cheaper...
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    Buy a kit, or build seperately?

    My friend wants to run XBMC after seeing my setup I have on my PC. I'm thinking for his situation, a Pi would be the best solution. Should I have him order a kit like this, or just get the board, and buy everything separately?
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    Apple Tv 2 vs. Macbook Pro

    I'm trying to help a friend out with an installation of XBMC. He has an Apple TV 2, and a Macbook Pro. I want to keep it as simple as possible, because he's not the best with technology. He has a wife and 3 kids that will be using XBMC, so which would be easier for them, XBMC on the ATV2, or on...