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    Unfortunately Kodi has stopped working

    Does this happen only after you have watched or stopped a program and go to the next?
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    Request Does this add-on exist?

    A task killer for when it locks up.
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    kodi not very reliable

    A few days ago the server was down for mandatory kodi updates. So with OP it was just bad timing. It happens
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    3D Launcher and Kodi

    You could just add to online video. Or switch over to the android launcher and add kodi to home screen. Even set your own wallpapers.
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    M8 Android tv box

    Could be your HDMI cable. I had one doing that.
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    Banned Add-Ons??

    Those addons are supported here as 3rd party and as such they do not allow 3rd party talk at the KODI site for legal reasons.
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    Help with M8 Amlogic S802

    Guys there are so many knock offs out there don't play with the roms unless you have too. There are just 1 wifi band models, there is ones where the only way to get the blue light off is to pull the power cord. Literately the only thing that maybe the same on these units is the case. I have...
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    How to delete internal storal on android box

    So you are trying to install kodi with gotham still on the box. Delete 13.2 and reboot then install KODI
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    Mx box

    Re install KODI.
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    Mx iii

    Just in hardware acceleration area uncheck the three boxes and just leave as hardware acceleration.
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    NFL Game Pass

    If anything like the android apps you would need a Preseason addon.