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    Openelec Hard Drive Swap

    Hello, I am wanting to upgrade my hardrive before it completely crashes. I have Openelec installed on the HD and wanted to know what i should do before swapping it (Make a disc image, backup to USB, ect.) thank you for the help.
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    Could use some help

    This question will be a bit winded, so sorry in advance. I have searched as much as i can to find stuff on my own, but I was hoping someone else might have a similar set up and could help me out. With that being said..... Here we go. I am getting rid of cable and am gonna use my windows 7 htpc...
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    Got another question

    Ok, my PC broke down and every apple tv 2 that I can find people want like $200 for it. I have a laptop (without hdmi connection) and I don't want to sit it on my bedroom dresser the entire time anyway. I do have an lg 3d smart tv and it uses plex. Is their anyway to install xbmc either on my...
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    Need some help/advice with xbmc set up

    Hello again everyone, I am trying to get the best set up possible with my htpc in my room. What I am trying to accomplish is the best "like cable" feel for the wife. I have my pc set up to boot directly into xbmc and I have 2 apps on my phone. One to wake up my PC and the other to control...
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    Need a lot of help please.

    ok i am sorry if this post is not in the right spot and want to thank anyone in advance who takes some time with me getting all set up. Ill start by telling you what i am trying to achive. I have XBMC set up and running great on my windows 7 PC. I have it connected to my LG 3D tv via HDMI. I...
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    3D Question

    Does anyone know if XBMC can play 3D ISO's if not are their any plans in the future for it to support ISO playback. Thanks
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    Need help with oneclickmovies

    The add on works pretty good but when I go to categories and try to watch one listed under blu-ray I only get sound but no video. Is their a fix to this? It works fin when I watch one under brrip/bdrip and DVD rip. Thank you.