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    Turning US Amazon Fire TV into a UK one

    Hello, Anyone from the UK who imported a AFTV from the USA before it came out over here tried to think about if it's at all possible to convert from US Firmware to UK Firmware?
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    USA to UK Amazon Fire TV

    Hello, Anyone thought about trying to reset settings on their Amazon Fire TV purchased in the USA in the UK now that the new ones are out? Would it be turned into a UK version or would it remain a US version? Would a DNS service like unblockus now be able to be used to switch from one Amazon...
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    What does Root access allow?

    It seems that Amazon have got rid of the possibility of rooting your AFTV with the latest update. There are ways around it though. My question is: Does rooting just allow you to add a mass storage device and Google Play? If not what else is there? Cheers
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    VPN idea for AFTV

    Has anyone tried to use a VPN on their phone and then set up a "local hotspot" to it and then connect to it on their AFTV? It's not something I need and everything is working well so haven't tried myself. Just sat at work and thought it might work :-)
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    Google Store Apps

    Hello, Realise this isn't totally tied to all things XBMC, so if you admins need to delete it, go ahead. After playing around for a few days and finally sorting things out I have been looking at some apps to install. Have put Spotify on, BT Sport works beautifully and was wondering if there...
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    Struggling with sideloading. Please help :-)

    Hello, Wondering if anyone can help. I have set my AFTV up with XBMC and done everything else. There was an issue with a "Protocol Failure" so I reset it back to Factory Settings using the Alt-Prt Scr-i method and even then when trying to sideload I get the following connected to 192.......41...
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    Easy and free iPhone mouse for AFTV [ROOT]

    Hello, I have been looking for a mouse that will allow me to interact with Google Play apps wirelessly. I want to control Spotify and other such things. I have found an app and apk that seem to work really well. The app is "Air Keyboard" and the apk to use it can be found here...
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    Mini Keyboard Mouse Combo for AFTV

    Hello, Having installed Google Play I'm struggling to utilise everything, the mouse and the keyboard work connected to the AFTV but i'm looking for a wireless option, something like the Rii MWK02 Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo. Would Bluetooth work, or would USB be better? Also...
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    Iphone "xbmcremote" app and the AFTV

    Hello, Has anyone tried using the app mentioned above on the AFTV setup? I set up all the system choices as I normally do to enable the app to function on any other version of XBMC but it didn't work. Any ideas? Or does yours work? Cheers
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    Raccoon Google Play Desktop Client

    Hello, Just wondering if anyone else has used Raccoon? I have just downloaded and sideloaded Deezer and it works bar an issue or two. Raccoon allows you to search and then download virtually any Google Play app, even incompatible ones. There is some information that states that you can just...
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    Problems with installing XBMC and any sideloading to be honest

    Hello, Yesterday I installed XBMC following the excellent instructions here, I also rooted the AFTV following the same great instructions. I then tried to do the Play Store and all of a sudden my AFTV started to disconnect and not allow the sideloads to work. I thought I may have done something...
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    From UK using Amazon Fire TV with Unblock Us

    Hello, Just bought an AFTV, looks awesome. I am using Unblock Us to access Prime etc. and was just curious if anyone has any idea why my wired connection causes an error but wireless works beautifully. Obviously it isn't an issue, but this maybe something that helps others if they come across...
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    Add Ons

    In my Summer Holiday boredom I got thinking. There are an absolute shed load of add ons available for XBMC, some that some people have never heard of, some that we all use all the time. On they list some repositories do you think that...
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    Anyone know anything about the new Google dongle called the Chromecast. Looks cheap, looks interesting. The geniuses need to look and see if it "XBMCable". Only available in the US at the minute. Just had a look on and read the following: What it Is: It's a HDMI dongle that is...
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    Live Chat

    Hello, Some forums I go onto have a little little live chat window at the top of the page. This could be really good on here. What do you think? Cheers
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    GamerTag List

    This is the place to add friends onto Xbox Live or the Playstation equivalent. It would be best to list what console you have an account on. I'll start the ball rolling. GamerTag - Darthsmiffius Console - Xbox 360 Please don't shoot me too often. Cheers
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    Anyone got a Deezer account? I have it's a great alternative to Spotify. There is a page about the api and python Think you may need to be a member, can be signed up for free though. Any of you geniuses have any idea how to make it work on XBMC? Cheers for...
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    Remotes not working suddenly

    I have Rowmote and xbmc remote and Commander on my iPhone. All of a sudden none of them are working. Rowmote isn't working even on ATV 2 front page. The IP address is correct but they simply will not connect. My NAS is also not being recognised. My Raspberry PI is connecting to them fine. I have...
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    New Project. Ubuntu? Windows? What should I do

    Hello, What do you reckon would be the best setup. I am thinking of selling my ATV2 and going all PC. What is the best?
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    RealDebrid Addon List

    Hello, Is there a definitive list of what addons Realdebrid works on? I have associated it to my Ic*f*lms and 1Ch**nel. If there isn't could people mention what ones it can be used on? Cheers