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    Amazon Fire TV 2 with Kodi running Firestarter and/or Llama

    Kodi installs but will not launch through the System/Applications menu ?
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    Best key mapper

    You bought ? There is a free one in the .org repo go to Settings/Addon/Search and just type "keymap". Works just fine.
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    XBMC crashing randomly

    Kinda not the same thing as finding out WHY it's crashing but ok.
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    Fire TV could become the most expensive device in your home

    I'm guessing there is something peculiar with this guys setup or the internet would be alive with "ya me too!".
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    XBMC crashing randomly

    I took todays firmware update apparently so I will test some more and report back if it was a firmware bug that has been squashed.
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    How to move xbmc icon to home screen

    Ha now that's funny!
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    XBMC crashing randomly

    I am having the same unexpected crashes to the FTV homescreen. I have seen no patterns to indicate why thos happens.
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    Blocking Amazon firmware updates, is it a must?

    It means a coming root may rely on an earlier firmware being installed. Same as the cat and mouse played by apple tv2.
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    FireTv Remote Commands

    Problem solved :) I urge anyone wanting to make some remote tweaks to give this a try.
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    FireTv Remote Commands

    What ? There's a Keymap Editor addon in the .org repo ?? Who knew... I can go to bed now - I've learned my one thing for today :)
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    FireTv Remote Commands

    How do I make the Back button bring up the Favourites Menu when on the xbmc home screen ?
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    Ouya and FTP

    Disable your Launcher and check if you have the latest firmware for your Ouya. I'm finding alot of apps are not working like they did on lower firmware.
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    Ouya and FTP

    Will not launch - closes right away.
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    Ouya and FTP

    CALLING ANY LINUX USERS...come on I know one of you out there knows how to invoke this.
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    tv is dim after installing XBMC on Ouya

    Did you try restarting ?
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    Ouya and FTP

    Put it this way: the default in that entry is "/" which allows access to the root folder but NO sub-folders. What should the entry look like to allow access to all sub-folders ?
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    Ouya and FTP

    Ok I know this has been discussed before to some extent but here's my problem... Am setting up another Ouya I've had laying around and am wanting access to it via ftp. This Ouya took the latest firmware update and for some reason will not work with ESfile Explorer like my other Ouya. I've...
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    [HOW TO] Install XBMC on Amazon Fire TV Using Nothing But Your Android Phone Or Table

    Does the .apk get copied to the download folder of the destination device (afTV) ?
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    Amazon Fire TV Compatible Apps List (side loaded apks) & Hardware

    I do believe that is in the cards.