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    Real-Debrid links stopped working

    Stopped working here also 26 Jan 17. Current on Rd premium. Non Rd links work using krypton rc4 Copterdr
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    Vid Add ons close to unusable

    Sorry to post again, but am at a loss at this point. Video streams both HD and SD droping at about 10 min on, 1chan, ice, youtube, etc. etc. I have not tried all, but three or four more. I have created a new log this evening , and there is an additional...
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    Dropping Streams - On Most addons frequently used- Help Wife is :mad:

    Bump The start of the example stream looks like around line 5600 in the log file attached above Any idea's? Am I missing somthing right in front of me? The streams drop about 10-15 min consistently on all addon's I am currently using. Thank you. Kopter dr
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    Dropping Streams - On Most addons frequently used- Help Wife is :mad:

    Streams have been dropping off for a while, It has gone away previously by clearing the cache every few days. But now it seems to be every show, every add-on we use and about every 10 min or so the last few days and clearing cache causes no response. Log is @...
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    3D / 4K Video Card suggestions.... Please

    DNLA sounds interesting. Not familiar with it or how to set it up. (somewhat tech savy, with what I need to know or learn) Obviously I want to push 3d and 4K content (along with the various audio formats) to the TV and Receiver from files on the drive and/or a BR drive ( Hopefully thru XBMC GUI...
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    3D / 4K Video Card suggestions.... Please

    Good day guys. Hanging a 4K / 3D panel this weekend and need to upgrade my video card. Running windows xp but will upgrade to 7 or 8 in a week or two, Computer is an I-5 Tower. Also the video card needs to have a TOS connection to dump the digital audio to the HDMI port from the board. I think...
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    Video stops around 12 -15 min all addons

    I am unable to post a log until later this evening, but wanted to ask a general question in case others have had the same issue lately and I have missed a thread somewhere. For several days now all streams have been stopping at about 10-15 min intervals on all of the addons I use. Have checked...
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    Wife wants 3D, What wife wants wife gets... HELP

    Being more or less a novice techie (mostly Less) I am prepping for a HTPC build (my first) after the holidays. My HPTC is going to be a half height box so real estate is at a premium. So in my research I am hoping to run the 3d Ready HD video off the Motherboard (Ivy bridge) and pass through the...
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    GA & Privacy moving onward & Hubward :)

    Thanks umOuch! Already used this and was very surpirsed at all the repo's using GA. Removed at least 12 addons. Some of them used quite often. What I am trying to find out or look into is blocking the delivery of GA collection from my box's within xbmc. Using my limited knowledge of cookies...
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    GA & Privacy moving onward & Hubward :)

    In the past there has been a way to block GA via the host file and as well with firefox addons. Would this be vaiable option for an XBMC tool as an optional install? Just thinking this may ease the minds of some (particulary myself) allowing use of certian addons that use GA knowing that the...
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    Shout out to certian Devs

    umOuch. Thank you for the quick reply, and to all my apology for a rant! I have enjoyed the subject add ons as many of you had and they will be missed. But I am on the side of umOuch. This goes against what I percieve as the intentions of the community from the beginings! i.e. XBOX MEDIA...
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    Shout out to certian Devs

    You must be Dems! Thanks for violating us without consent! For the others, I feel better now. Just getting up to speed on whats going on after a 70 hour work week and now find I have to strip all my boxes and reload. Just what I wanted to do this weekend. Thank all of you who bring this...
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    Ivy Bridge Intel HD4000 & Realtek ALC898 Questions

    Hi guys, Putting together some notes on a half height 3D HTPC build ( Monueal MonCaso 320 Case). I am wondering if anyone has expierience with, A) Intel 1155 Ivy Bridge HD4000 Claim is no graphics card needed, smooth 1080 and 3D off the mother board & CPU with this...
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    RD and Reslover Status

    Thks, I assume this will be pushed? Anyone know the version ? I will check what I have.
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    RD and Reslover Status

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but there was recently a resolver issue with Real Debrid, Just asking what the status is. I see some new source links here and there but have problems buffering (stays at 0 or snails pace and limits on usage 180 & MR) BU and VH errors alot but works...
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    Someone Has to be First :) : Whatch Got and/or Whatcha Want

    Greetings all. Being an Audio / Video Buff (budget restricted as are a lot of us). I am hoping to kick of a disscussion of what type of systems you have and/or what you would want if you replace it. Being that its about time to retire my system to one of the spare rooms and make a fresh...