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    HDMI cables ports splitters HDCP MHL ARC

    Does anyone know about HDMI cables and which are best to use with a wetek or android box? Because of copyright laws like DRM or HDCP protection built in to HDMI cables and ports, they try to block any device or box it might even accidentally redflag. I know on my tv there are 3 HDMI ports...
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    Bug Kodi April 30 Issue stop working?

    I just wanted to check and make sure it wasnt just me. After 6 years, my addons are having issues. No results on the most coveted addon, or the reborns of previous addons oe reincarnations of them like they just exited moses. Even the wire on my numero uno channel "optimus" prime is not working...
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    Find a Job in Toronto Etobicoke Help!

    What are some of the best places to work at here? What places are hiring and easy to get hired? What places, jobs that have opportunities for advancement, promotion? Any laid back places that dont require a suit? Near Lakeshore Bloor, Kipling South Etobicoke It seems like most jobs today...
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    Themepak movie info and posters not showing

    I have the 1ch themepak for pwire but none of the media info displays or the movie posters wallpapers oŕ whatever you want to call them. I had it set to classic. Online it says to change it to glossyblack. Im not sure that is the solution. Can someone give me a solution? Is there maybe an...
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    Scrapers use other search engines

    Idk anything about programming but I have a few thoughts to help. Since google has blocked, censored, blacklisted or had over 900 sites shutdown, Cant developers use other search engines that are safer to use like startpage, dogpike, duckduckgo, or some other private search engines? I want to...
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    Request Gofund and petition for TVAddons?

    I want to know if there is already a gofund or petition yet? To help tvaddons and to help developers. So we can help them and hopefully enjoy Kodi the way we want. Maybe petitions to senators, mpaa, netflix Gofund to help fight lawsuits
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    TVMC Wizard Skin

    I want the old tvaddons skin with the picture of earth. How can I get that again?
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    Request How to host my own repo or addon source code?

    How can I or anyone save or host repos or addon source code? Dropbox? Openload? Cant use github obviously. I know you can save repos on computer and add it to a flash drive or sd card for backup. But if the source code isnt working the addon wont work. Why would an addon still work if its...
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    Indigo needs data cleaning without erasing addons

    Indigo would be better if it could do mote than erase everything or clear cache. I had 3gb on my kodi that slowed everything doen. I have no idea why it was taking up 3gb but it wasnt cache. So i was forced to erase everything, lost best addons, upgrade kodi and start over. Its not like you can...
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    STB Emulator alternative? Game Emus?

    Is there another alternative for STB emulator? Will any iptv tool work? Anyone know of legal iptv services? Where do I get an emu for games? I tried featherance. Just tells me missing dependicies
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    Nobody replies

    Whats the point of this forum if nobody replies? I know I only joined a month ago but I dont know where else to go to ask questions. Who do I have to pay around here?
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    How to make your own addon and repo?

    Can someone give me some info on how to do this? I read it a couple of threads and looked at kodi website wiki but still understand how the fundamentals work. Does an addon have to be hosted online on github? Or can you just have it on your own android box? Same with a repo. Or can it just...
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    ******** ******* **** repo

    Can someone post a link source? Since everything is being erased from the internet since last night with jsergio. Everyone better save sources on an sd card Someone add a link or where to find the zip file for *****, ben, ***, ****** repo?? trying to save everything before the entire...
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    Developer Appreciation. What Can We do?

    I wanted to know if theres anyway to show appreciation to the developers of our favorite popular addons? Anything at all? Donations? I have my own website. If you can tell us what we can do to help?
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    Canada addons

    I guess none of the canada specific addons work anymore? Or do I not know how to use them? Ive been trying ***, PEAR, Canada on Demand but none work. Can someone fix that? Or make addon for CP24 at least since they stream free online. Its main news channel.
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    Request Is this for requesting addons custom?

    Is this section for asking for custom addons? If so it would be great if there was more support for 1ch pr!mew!re. Its the best. Clean format. Userfriendly. Why cant that be updated or integrated with Coven/Are$/Benn/[email protected]? Mobdino is a great start who ever made it. Would be great if more...
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    Request Netflix crackle type services alternatives?

    What are some good alternatives to netflix? I see a lot of addons weird names. Iflix flixnet slingclient, popcorn showbox crackle amazon prime. Maybe theres a cravetv addon? Anyone have some alternatives to netflix or similar addons or apps? Or other legal addons?
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    Bug Skins not working on indigo

    When I use indigo most skins dont work for some reason. I dont know why. I didnt even discover skins until now which is great since the new kodi skin sucks. Idk why they changed it like that. Its a confusing mess. Thank god I discovered this feature. I only got one skin to work by bassanova...
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    Bug Addon dependencies? List needed

    What are some kodi addon depencies? Only ones i know are url resolver and F4M tester (idk what it does) are there more? I have seen a lot of addons having issues not working because kodi upgrades cause addons not to be compatiable. Is there a way to fix that? A custom build that doesnt...
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    Request Addons that work?

    Anyone know which ones work or how to use them? I found a site once but I dont remember where. It has daily updates of working addons. Anyone know of any iptv addons that work? I tried several but they dont work or I cant figure it out. Pear modbro usatv canadian. None seem to work. And...