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    Updating Android for Kypton then reinstalling Kodi

    Make sure the firmware you are installing is for that box as well. For example, there are many different 'M8S' labeled boxes out there...many with different hardware in them requiring different firmware.
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    I can not get any stream to connect in Kodi 17.1

    Is your firewall blocking it?
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    Missing Install From Repository Option

    Don't post on the KODI page about addons that give you access to this type of content. They don't like that.
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    Newest breaking News.... website/domain seized today 3-31-17

    Honestly knowing what day it is I feel like it's an April fools prank yet I'm still falling for it.
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    Newest breaking News.... website/domain seized today 3-31-17

    April fools? Doubt it was seized. Check the WHOIS for the domain, nothing has changed.
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    Which debrid service?

    Just trying to get a feel for the most popular debrid service among the community. I currently use Real-Debrid but I find its becoming unreliable more and more often with sources being unavailable, HD content not HD, etc.
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    Why did this auto-install on my machine?

    Make your own maintenance addon then?
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    The elephant in the room

    ....will an explanation be made on what happened or are we just pretending it never happened?
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    Issues with 1Ch**nel and SA*TS TV shows

    There are multiple threads already on this, use the search.
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    16.1 vs 15.2

    Hi All, I've been sticking with 15.2 however have been looking at upgrading to 16.1. Which version do you use? If you are on 16.1 have you noticed any issues with your current addons not working properly? Just want to get a bit of feedback before I make the change. Unsure if there are any...
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    Request newbie help

    ^^ Agreed! Stay as far away from SR as possible.
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    Check out the new USTVnow Plus website!

    Awesome job on the Addon, will definitely be using the BETA and will relay anything I see. You're support to everyone has been amazing, as someone who is currently a "noob" programmer and doing my best to enhance my knowledge of all things Python I hope to be at your level one day!
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    Kodi Announces Legal Action to Smash Piracy Links

    So what does this mean for TVAddons? One has to think this is the first place that they are going to go after. The KODI name is plastered all over this site and many of the most popular addon's are supported here.