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    Server issues

    Ex**us installation failed Just attempted to install Ex**us from zip/repository with unfortunate results. Has anyone else been able to successfully install it?
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    Amazon Fire TV Box Fusion TV Addons wont install

    Broken for the time being Fusion/Indigo are indeed broken at the moment, and according to those in the know, are currently being worked on, so you should expect to wait a few days before things are back to normal.
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    zip file

    Repos Down as well? The lack of a working config wizard doesn't alarm me, however none of the repos I've tried accessing seem to be pulling anything. So far I've tried to manually install Ex**us and eldorado's repos and I get the same empty repo error.. 😫
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    Please help... Nothing working - Indigo

    Same issue on Fire TV box Hey there, I'm pretty much having the same problems as OP. When trying to download indigo, when I attempt to open it I get a message saying "slow or no download available: files could not be downloaded at this time: please try again later, attempting to continue" I...