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    What are the advantages of having a VPN and how do you know you are benefitting?

    What are the advantages of having a VPN and how do you know you are benefitting from one? I have subscribed to 2 years of PureVPN (1 year was free) mainly to get access to the restricted channels on Kodi that I can’t get here in the UK anymore (i.e. Ic*f*lms and Pri**wire). I have a Minix X8-H...
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    Do you have to 'Toggle' VPNs on and off to get your own country's websites?

    I live in the UK and I am interested in setting up a VPN to get the best out of Kodi. I have a Fire Stick, a MINIX X8 and a desktop PC in different rooms in my house. My wife has an iPhone, iPad and my son has an XBOX as well. If I set up a VPN it will say that I am in another country to the...
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    What happens when your 'donor' app used for Kodi wants to update/upgrade itself?

    What happens when 'Drive In Classics' or whatever donor app that has been used for accessing Kodi wants to update? Do you lose the Kodi link to it and have to reset it through Llama? or nothing happens at all and you can still access Kodi in the same way?
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    I can't load any other .apks onto my Fire Stick

    I have managed to load up Kodi/Llama/XBMC etc onto my fire stick using adbFire but when I try to load any other apks the adbFire program says' Install Failed'. So instead I tried following Showgun's tutorial on 'How to load ADB, XBMC and other third party apps'. I can manage to load up the adb...
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    Is adbFire only for loading Kodi/TVMC or can you sideload other APKs?

    I have had no problems loading up Kodi, TVMC and Llama onto my fire stick using adbFire but when I try to load up other APKs I get the 'Install Failed' box up. I have even tried renaming one of the APKs to TVMC but it still wouldn't load. Is adbFire only meant to be used for loading up Kodi...
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    Can I sideload 4oD and ITV Player onto the Fire Stick?

    Is it possible to sideload 4oD onto the Fire Stick in the UK? And if I can, will I have to follow the same process as for installing Kodi? (i.e. find the 4oD apk and side load it via adbFire, then assign it to a 'donor' app via Llama etc.)
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    Fire Stick for £19 in the UK (today only 15th July 2015)

    Anyone in the UK who hasn't taken up their 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime or who is actually a Prime member can get a Fire Stick for £19 as Amazon are having a special Prime Day today and has reduced the price down from £35. This is for today only and you can only get one per account though...
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    I can't turn off the FireTV Updates in adbFire Utility

    When I follow the TVMC instructions for the Fire TV (in my case the stick), under the adbFire Utility when I uncheck the 'FireTV Updates on' option, it never stays off and the tick keeps appearing again. Does this matter too much? or will I lose Kodi/TVMC when the Fire TV Stick automatically...
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    Amazon Fire Stick - This could this be the cheapest way to get Kodi at the moment?

    I don't know much about all the Android devices out at the moment but I've just bought the Amazon Fire Stick and sideloaded up Kodi. It is selling on the Amazon website for £35 here in the UK (and probably cheaper in other countries). I think this is great value for money and possibly the...
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    Can you Keymap the Amazon Fire TV Stick remote for KODI?

    I have just side loaded KODI on my new Fire TV Stick and so far it seems to be working OK. One issue I do have though, is if I am playing a movie or TV show in KODI, when I press the back button on the remote control, I go out of the film to the previous directory but the movie is still playing...
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    Can I restore the 'donor' App chosen to use for KODI back to it's original purpose?

    I have just side loaded KODI onto my new Amazon Fire TV Stick by following the installation instructions on this site. (Nice and easy to follow) Instead of using 'Drive In Classics' as my 'donor' App I have chosen another one (Pokemon as the picture looked OK!) If I ever want to restore the...
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    Amazon Fire TV Stick - USB Power Supply Source - I am using the TV's USB as the power

    I have just bought the Amazon Fire TV Stick and connected it to the TV in my Kitchen. I've loaded up Kodi and it all seems to be working OK so far. As I'm short on power supply plugs without using a 3-way adapter I have connected the Fire Stick USB power cable to the USB socket on my TV instead...
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    Amazon Fire STICK - Is it easy to load up KODI on it?

    I want to get the Amazon Fire Stick purely for the reason of loading up KODI. I gather that it is possible to do, but do I follow exactly the same instructions as loading it up on the actual Fire TV? Is there anything else I would have to do?
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    How do I find what version of XBMC/Kodi I have?

    How do I find what version of XBMC/Kodi I have? I have looked at the settings and system info but I can't find out what version of XBMC I have. I am using a Minix x8-H and I have the Minix XBMC, a TV Addons Wizard version and a Kodi version. I gather the Kodi is version Helix 14 but how can I...
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    The video still plays in the background when I press stop.

    On the older versions of XBMC if I was watching a film or TV program, when I pressed the return/stop button on the remote control, whatever I was watching would stop and I would go back to the film/TV program menu. Now that I have updated to KODI when I press the same button I get back to the...
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    Should I get an Amazon Fire TV?

    Hi Everyone, I live in the UK and the Fire TV is about to be released here. I currently have an Apple TV2 with XBMC (Kodi) loaded up in my main room downstairs and an Apple TV3 in my bedroom. I have been waiting for the Jailbreak for for the ATV3 for ages and I'm now pretty sure it will never...
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    How do you get a Video Games Emulator on XBMC?

    I've heard that you can get an emulator to play video games on XBMC. I can't find any links to discussions on this topic - can someone point me in the right direction on how to find it, install it and get it to work? Can an emulator work on an Apple TV2 - what about the game control unit as...