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    Kodi update

    Hello All, hoping someone can help me on this, I am trying to update the kodi, to the new one. I go into the google play store, and just cant find it. Can someone tell me just what to type in the search, in the play store, I have tried all sorts of searches, like KOdi, Kodi for android, Kodi...
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    Hi all, I am thinking of signing on for the real debrid account, but wondering how I would set it up on an android box, hoping someone can hep me on this, Thank You.
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    jarvis 16.1

    Hoping to get some help here, oh, glad to see the forums back again, Thanks. anyway bought a new box, and as usual all sorts of stuff in it, so uninstalled the kodi in it, but going to the play store to get kodi, no matter what I type, in the google box, it only takes me to Kodi krypton...
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    narrow picture on tv screen.

    Hoping some one can help me on this one. I just yesterday, updated to jarvis 16.2, and installed fusion. In a lot of the streams, I am getting a narrow picture in centre of tv screen, is there something that I missed, something else I should have done?/ Oops, using an android box. You are...
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    how to??

    Hi everyone, I just got a new box, an otto, TV box. I have the kodi, isengard in it, but was wondering if any one can help on this, I would like to change it over to TVAddons, from the kodi, screen, can this be done, Thanking you, for any help. Hoping I am in the correct section, to be...
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    Hi all, just wondering, I have the kodi, going on my g box, , but, how do I get more streams going, some of the times, I only have say, 2-3 streams showing, while at other times I get approx., 10 streams to pick from, is there a way to fix this/? THANKS ALL.
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    I hope I am in right place for this question?? I watch , Heartbeat, old British series, from the nineties, some of the episodes, I watch, for some reason, about , approx., half way through the episode, the screen, picture, jumps right back to the page showing the season and episodes. Just...
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    I just want to say, a BIG THANKS, to the people on this site, I only learned of it a few days ago, but geez, what a lot of info., for a newbie, meaning ME// From reading here, got the Pho*nix going, got the best of British going, myself being Scottish, all sorts of old TV shows, from there, just...
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    Just to say, I am new with this, I have the g box, I just put Pho*nix, in, yesterday, I was told about it, I find it just great. When mash was running, it had the UK, TV shows going, geez, me, being from Scotland, was right mm/// down, when lost that. Now, I go to Pho*nix, over to TNRS, and...