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    Filmon TV Channels now no longer Free

    If we subscribe to FilmOn howwill that work with KODI.... anyone got any more info yet?
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    it's that time again. I need a vacation.

    Take a break in Tenerife,.......I need some training!lol
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    xbmc ..external player active ?

    Afraid no help from me also but yesterday I did download and tried the ICEFILM, after 1 hour and 27 minutes I was informed I had exceeded the download allowance. Not sure if I had downloaded it correctly. Will try later today.
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    Support (Issues & Problems)

    Hi, hope I am in the right place to ask a question, if not please advise me where I can do so. My problem is that I have set up a Raspberry Pi using fusion to stream TV programs (works perfectly). I am trying to set up a second Pi for a friend but now find that XBMChub-fusion is one thing. My...