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    Twitter Shows My Limits

    Hello all, Just woke up for today and did my normal routine; feed that cat, fix me some coffee, go through my emails and of course submit all my entrees for TVA's Amazon Fire TV Giveaway. In the latter I came to an obstacle when I tried tweets on twitters. Unfortunately it says my account is...
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    I'm Baaaaack.... and contributing

    Hello again all. Glad to be back and taking an office donation to contribute to the cause.
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    Won't support cash donations. Offer you moral support

    Hey guys. I thank TvAddons for their fight for not only their rights but all of us as a community. Unfortunately your system will not accept many small donations around our office that would have produced a larger sum. Since their is a minimum amount required I am afraid all of our group can...
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    Hi guys

    I am looking forward to learning more about the new way of downloading addons. I am so glad you guys are back. Thanks for this awesome chance to win one of the best kodi devices in the game. good look everyone!