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    Release Free Live TV Addon

    Another free streaming channel you might want to add: Heartland TV Network.
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    Wear disco ... or Where'd this go?

    You're AWESOME! I guess I should have read the owners manual. LOL.
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    Home Screen Programs missing.

    Did you ever resolve this? If not go to System-->Settings-->Appearance-->Skin-->Settings-->Home Window Options and make sure "Hide - Programs" is not checked.
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    Wear disco ... or Where'd this go?

    I recently "upgraded" from Kodi 16.2 to 17.0 and I'm having trouble finding some info. In Jarvis you could press the letter "O" when a video was playing and bring up useful audio and video information. (see pic) Krypton has the same feature but the info is far more limited. How can I see...
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    Do you own a digital antenna?

    I do own a digital antenna. Actually, "terrestrial antenna" would be more accurate. The signal is digital, but the antenna isn't. Any pair of rabbit ears will pick up a digital signal if the signal is strong enough. I live in apartment building in a small town (Topeka, KS) and my "flat" is on...
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    This is becoming pretty *****ly crazy now

    My guess is that the reason it has been more of a problem lately is because TVAddons is SO AWESOME that new users are flocking to it in droves. I noticed it was especially bad right after the new android version was released but seems to have gotten better lately. Hopefully, some of these new...
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    Problem Watching HD Streams

    Okay, so I tried a live stream, a movie and a TV show from 3 different addons. Here are the results: .(some "As") streams-->Live Streams-->HD Sports-->Big 10 Network HD Around 3mB average. Peak at 5.7 mB. I have a consistent 8 mB connection. No buffering, but "strobe light" effect and frequent...
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    Problem Watching HD Streams

    It's any and all live streams and on demand tv shows and movies from any and all sources that are high definition, 720 or 1080. I can post a log but I don't see how that would help. The streams load and they play; they just play too slowly The video falls behind the audio and eventually (after...
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    Problem Watching HD Streams

    Thanks for the response Franb. It's not my internet speed or overloaded servers. There are no buffering problems and I'm using less than a quarter of my available bandwith with HD streams. I had the same problem with Gotham before I updated to Kodi. The thing is, HD streams run fine on my $75...
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    Problem Watching HD Streams

    When I try to watch 720p hi def streams (live or on demand) the video quickly becomes "choppy" and the audio gets out of sync. Are there any tweaks or adjustments I can make to either Kodi or my computer to make these streams play more smoothly? My laptop is about 5 yrs old but it should be...
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    Kodi not as useful as it was ?

    I'm actually watching the Cubs vs Padres right now through Spor**dev*l-->VIPBox right now. Things are a little scarce right now in pre-season, but last year i was able to watch about 95% of the games I wanted to, although you can't always get the "home team" stream. I'm very happy with Kodi...