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    Is SA*TS gone?

    Str**m All T** Sou**es--sometimes I could find stuff there that nobody else had. I recently updated to 17.6 and I see my SA*TS addon is gone. Is anything else as good? I found a SA*TS Lite in one of my repos but it couldn't locate a stream for anything I selected. I was looking for a concert video.
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    Can I file transfer build to 1st gen Firestick?

    I have one 2nd gen Firestick with a working Kodi build (17.6) and I've managed to backup the files to a thumb drive via OTG. I'd like to transfer this to a 1st gen Firestick but I can't find a way since OTG isn't supported. A YouTube showed ES offered a solution that transfers files via wifi...