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    Slow YouTube buffering.

    I'm using RaspBMC, and I have a wired internet connection of 22mbps, but I still can't get 720p YouTube video to load without waiting 10+ minutes for it to buffer. I've set the "cachemembuffersize" to zero on advancesettings as I read that might help, but it didn't make a difference. Any help?
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    Installing onto USB flash drive?

    Will installing RaspBMC onto a USB really give me a snappier menu? And is the menu the only thing that will run faster, or will the system load movie artwork faster as well? Also, if I have an existing RaspBMC installation will I have to reinstall in order to create a flash drive? And will size...
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    Question about Airplay...

    Whenever I airplay video from my iPhone, my Pi picks up the video by displaying a thumbnail of the video, then goes back to the menu as it works on I guess loading the actual video, and then after about half a minute, it proceeds to playback the video. Is there a way to simply have the Pi work...
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    External HD reccomendations?

    I'm looking into buying a 4tb external HD simply because It's not a whole much more expensive than say a 1tb model. And I would appreciate having a more than generous amount of storage. Would you guys happen to have any reccomendations? So far I've come up with these two, but don't know what to...
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    Internet network?

    It may be just a wacky idea, but would it be possible to play the media in my home PC over the Internet? I mean, I know it can be accessed locally, but say I take my XBMC system to work, and would like to access the media from my home PC there. Would it be possible? What would I need? Thanks.
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    Can somebody please explain iTunes HD?

    I've seen movies being offered in HD that aren't even available on Bluray! Are these titles authentic HD? And I hear they are DRM protected, would that keep me from playing them over my network to my Pi? I like the idea of getting HD versions of some of my favorite older movies, but for the...
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    Advance 10 minutes by pressing up bottom on XBMCRemote?

    I've thought of modyfing the keymap file, but I can't figure out what files to edit, or how to edit them.
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    First time user, have a few questions.

    My Pi will be coming in in a couple of days and i just had a few questions. Is the Pi portable? Say I want to take the Pi to work and decide to hook up a wifi adapter to stream media. Will I need to manually edit a file within the Pi to access the WiFi and enter a password? Or is this...
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    Installing OpenElec build on a SD card?

    I'll be buying a Raspberry Pi board soon, along with the best accessories, including a Transcend JetFlash 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive and a Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card, and I want to use a USB drive as I read loading XBMC off a USB drive will provide a smoother experience. But...