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    python code to get servers from javascript

    Your inital post shows an snippet of code from a webpage showing the url and data values. However I cant find the page you are refering to so cant test. The regex is scraping that page to get the server url. Once you have the values, you use the url and data in the Web request which should...
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    rtmp string argument parsing with spaces

    What about....... xbmc.Player().play("rtmp://|flashVer=WIN%200,0,0,xx")
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    python code to get servers from javascript

    Applogies. One of the oines was incorrect. Should, read.... url = re.compile("url: '(.+?)',").findall(link)[0]
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    python code to get servers from javascript

    This is untested but you need something like this...... First get hold of the data you need: servernumber = "1" url = re.compile('url: "(.+?)",').findall(link)[0] urlparams = re.compile("data: '(.+?)',").findall(link)[0] urlparams = urlparams.replace("'+i+'",servernumber) Then pass this to...
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    python code to get servers from javascript

    This just looks like a simple get request. Use the url: and data: in the reequest as one long url string. i == the server number.
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    Is there anyway to edit the G-Box Launcher quicklaunch buttons

    There are loads of launchers available in the play store. You could even use KODI itself as a launcher
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    disable metadata 15.1

    If y0u mean metadata that addons display, you will need to look in the addon settings to see if the developer has give the option to disable. The problem with the current version of metahandlers on the kodi repo is causing issues.
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    addon does not have correct structure

    Double check your addon.xml in the repo zip
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    Computer (Windows) Completely Freezing with KODI/TVMC

    Ensure your graphics card drivers are upto date. That is the most common causes of KODI freeze on windows.