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    Regarding the 3D

    Hi Is there is any Addons shows new and famous old films in real 3D?
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    Can you help me guys

    Dear friends, Can you please guide me to which Addons have 3D movies ? the famous movies new and old. Thanks
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    Regarding AlQudseyes Addons

    Hello to all, is any one know how can I fix the problem with AlQudseyes addons to make it work again?
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    ******- TV Add-On

    Hi, I need to know how can I start the ******- TV to be working on my G-Box Q with Kodi? I always got a message right click on the plug in name and then click the Add-on setting menu fill the needed data. So I don't know what data it needs to be filled? Any help
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    AlArab addons problem

    Dear all I have only Audio working and no video on AlArab Addons, any suggestion to fix this problem? I have G-Box Q with Kodi V15.1 and firmware V1.3
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    AL Arab Add ons problem

    What happened with AlArab add ons it want work first I got just Audio without Video and now nothing works, is there is any solution for this Add ons and the rest of Arabic Add ons like Dailytube4U
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    How can I backup my setting

    Dear all, Please need to know how can I create a backup of my current settings " all Addons setting" in my G-Box MX2 in case I do factory reset and want to keep my setting to turn it back after that. Thanks
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    Football Replay

    Hi to all, Can any one help me to locate the Add-on Football replay ? I don't see it any more after I install the new TV add on! Thanks
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    Hi to all, Is Utube4you still working? I have my G-Box Midnight MX2 and tried many times to open the Utube4you add-ones but with no success, I just want to know is it still working or gone ? Thanks