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    Trying to Watch Videos in Kodi via mini port to Hdmi came hooked up to my Surface 3

    Hi I have kodi on my surface 3(not pro) running windows 10. I bought a mini port to hdmi cable and hooked everything up to my TV. I then switched my projection to show only my windows 10 desktop so I could get full display on my TV(otherwise if I still use my surface screen I only get it's...
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    Which addon for Wheel of Fortune?

    Hi I like to watch wheel of fortune which addon would have current episodes? I think ustvnow would but I think it is on cbs which would be pay? So looking for free alternative.
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    How to install on Windows 10?

    Hi I have windows 10. It is running 2 user accounts(the ones you can use to log into multiple computers and get basic settings). I then installed tvmc on one of the user accounts and went through the setup process in tvmc. I then went to the second account and have no access to tvmc at all...
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    Kodi on Surface 3. Touch not working 100%

    Hi I installed the TVMC from this site but it does not work 100% on my surface 3. Every time I do something with touch the side menu (confluence menu) pops out. How can I fix this? I saw something called re-touched but I can't find it in the skins.
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    Dedicated Mini PC for Kodi? What hardware do I need?

    Hi I currently have a pivos xios m3 box, when I bought the device I wanted to go as cheap as possible as I did not know how xbmc would be at the time and did not want to invent more than $100 bucks. However now after like 2 years, I am sort of getting fed up with it. I find it so slow and...
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    Confused. What am I installing to get up and running?

    Hi I been using xmbc for probably year and half now but have not refreshed for a while(on Gotham) but not find myself confused on what I should be installing. I have an Pivos Xios m3 running android with xmbc but now I have no clue what to install. I can't really find the pivos released...
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    Confused - What is going on?

    Hi So a few days ago I got some email saying there is some split in the community. From what I understand some devs pushed some updates with adverts or something like that. I think yesterday I got a update to the wizard or something and today I rebooted my machine and saw that Mashup was gone...
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    Maintenance Tool - Log Upload Problem

    Hi I am having a problem with the log uploader. I choose my email address and then tell it to upload. I never get an email of my log nor do I see a dialog box in my xbmc about the log being uploaded. Xbmc Android Frodo Latest version of Maintenance Tool Pivos Smart Box.
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    XBMC Log Update Not Working?

    Hi I have a problem with one of my plugins and wanted to post the log file. I have the XBMC Log Updater on my box but I tired 3 times(in the span of like 6 hours) and not one of my logs file has made it to my inbox(I checked spam as well). I use to get them.
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    Streaming Problems + Skipping

    Hi I been watching some news from Canada on Demand and I noticed that every time I try to a) skip a head b) fast forward c) rewind the video gets all messed up(green boxes show up, out of sync voice). I tried it on my xbmc on my computer and all is fine. What could be causing this?
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    Possible to force buffering?

    Hi sometimes the video is slow and I would like to just stop the video and walk away and let it buffer for like 10 mines. I noticed when I hit pause it really does not seem to buffer. Is there away I can force it to buffer. I have xbmc installed on my pivo xios box.
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    Anyone have a working ustvnow addon?

    Hi I am running the linux version of xbmc on my pivos machine. I can't get ustvnow to work though. Seems like there is a problem with ustvnow and pivos.
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    How do I make XBMC look and feel like if I used the xbmc wizard?

    Hi I want to get the same look & feel as if I used the wizard but without using it. I have pivos linux so the wizard I don't think would work right now with it. I also don't want to use it to install plugins as I already found the plugins I need.
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    Possible to clear view checkmarks?

    Hi I am wondering is it possible to clear the check mark after it is viewed?
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    DNS Switcher for XBMC?

    Hi I am wondering if there is a program addon that can be setup to switch between dns servers? Thanks
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    Netflixs for XBMC?

    Hi Is there a plugin out there that enables netflix?
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    Is there an bandwidth Montor for Xbmc?

    Hi wondering if there is a program that can be downloaded into xbmc to monitor bandwidth. Thanks
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    Do I need to to use the Pivos XBMC?

    Hi I am kinda confused about a few things. I bought the pivos M3(not sure what the difference between M1 and M3 are). I installed first frodo RC3 and ran into some problems(can't use the virtual keyboard with remote, video is choppy and lip syncing issues). I then tried the Pivos edition what...
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    Why Does Scripts Fail that Work on Windows XMBC?

    Hi I bought a pvio xios media player and at first I installed the version on pivo site but I could not even connect to fusion storage with that version. I then uninstalled that version and put on frodo RC3 andriod. I then installed some of my plugins that I am using on my windows 7 machine...
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    How to move virtual keyboard down?

    Hi I am trying to test tvlinks plugin but sometimes I get a catcha I need to enter in but I can't since it gets cut off by the virtual keyboard.