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    What should be developed next?

    Would it be possible to add a "clear cache" and / or "clear packages" button(s) to use while watching a movie or tv program? Just like when you adjust volume, sound offset, etc? It would be great to have the option to do it while watching vs going out, clear cache and packages and going back to...
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    Missing seasons in addons

    Many thanks Eldorado for your quick reply and for all of your hard work on this site. I'll work with what is given to me. Have a great day!
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    Missing seasons in addons

    I am having an issue with a number of my addons are not displaying all of the past seasons. On other shows all of the seasons show up. Is there something that I can set that will allow all of the seasons to show up? The above example is for Ic*f*lms specifically. Thanks for looking at my post...
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    Addons will not update

    I was away for a few days and just got logged in. I ended up deleting my set-up (I kept getting reminded that there was a new version available anyways!) It was an old install so I figured it was time. Since then everything seems fine and I discovered that there a lot more repositories available...
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    Addons will not update

    Thanks for reading my post. For some reason my currently installed addons will not update. I have tried to update them individually and all at once a.nd still nothing. I was running Kodi 15.0 and update to 15.1 but still the same. Running a Asus P.C. with Windows 8.1 Pro. Everything has worked...
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    Mygica Android TV Products

    There is a new Mygica product that I am interested in buying. The ATV586 comes with a TV tuner with dvr capabilities. To those of you that own the Mygica devices, can I side load Kodi, TVMC, etc. onto these boxes like I can on my Amazon Fire products, Ouya and Apple products? Have they proven to...
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    amazon fire tv + tv tuner in XBMC

    Hopefully this is a good place to post my question. I have been using a Silicondust HDhomerun dual tuner with Kodi on my Fire TV as well as on Windows pc's with Media Center. As long as I have a good signal it all works amazing. Fantastic 1080 picture and extra features, especially on the...
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    KODI and the APPLE TV

    I have an ATV 2 running Frodo 12.3 that I just got back from my son because he said it wasn't working for him. I asked a question in Tknorris' section about 1Ch**nel not working in Frodo and he was kind enough to answer my question and pretty much confirmed that it's probably not going to work...
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    NBC Sports addon not available with Addon Installer

    Many thanks for clarifying this for me. I always thought that The only add-ons that I would be able to install on my set-up was through the repositories in Fusion or downloading a zip file of a particular add-on. That's how I've been doing it since I have been using this software. I didn't...
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    NBC Sports addon not available with Addon Installer

    I hope this is the right to post my question. I tried to install the add-on NBC Sports using the Add-on Installer and then through Fusion. I couldn't find the Author Eracknaphobia or the add-on in either of the two. I did find it in System>settings>Get add-ons>enabled add-ons>All add-ons>Video...
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    Did you upgrade to Kodi 14.0 yet?

    I have upgraded two of my laptops and everything is working great. One is connected via a powerline adapter and one by wifi. I am going to try it on one of my Ouya's and a new Amazon Firestick that should be here tomorrow and a Fire TV as well. I put one of my Apple TV 2's up for sale so that...
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    Why does the atv2 keep crashing?

    re: Plex causing atv2 to crash I double checked both of my atv2's and neither of them has Plex installed so it was never an issue with me. For me, running Frodo made my atv2's run very poorly. Going back to Frodo, using the installation wizard and enabling the Zero Cache tweak in the...
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    Why does the atv2 keep crashing?

    As I said above, by reverting back to Frodo 12.3 and using the zero cache tweak, my Apple TV 2 is working great. It even streams H.D. Movies and t.v using wifi. I knew going in that if it didn't fix the issues I would have to reinstall everything and try something else. Right now everything is...
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    Why does the atv2 keep crashing?

    Zero cache Based on positive and negative feedback and being desperate to get my Apple TV's working reliably again, I tried the zero cache tweak. I also downgraded back to Frodo 12.3. With both of these adjustments, I had my Apple TV's running as good as they ever have. I felt so comfortable...
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    Why does the atv2 keep crashing?

    I was selling one of my Apple TV 2's and it seemed like none of them were running reliably all of a sudden. I really didn't want to, but I updated my software to 5.3 thinking that would solve the problem, but I was having the same results. Using the video posted above I was able to revert to...
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    Amazon Fire TV XBMC Installer for windows

    On the XBMCHUB home page there is a link about using “Amazon Fire TV XBMC Installer” for Windows to install XBMC on the Amazon Fire TV. When I attempt to go to the link on the page to download the software, it shows that the download is not available. I looked for it through Google and found a...
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    FYI... Amazon FireTV is on sale right now... $84!

    Many thanks for this information. I just ordered one and signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime and received free two day shipping and handling. I think I paid $79 plus taxes for one of my Ouyas. If you're on the fence about the Fire TV, this may be the incentive you need.
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    Green Screen Movies 10mins in.

    I just discovered that I have the same issue with the green bar. Will I be able to use the Fresh Start addon to upgrade to Gotham 13.2 RC 1? I purchased my Fire TV with XBMC already loaded on it so I haven't gone through that process yet. I will buy a couple more after I sell one of my Apple TV...
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    SPMC now Available - DONT INSTALL YET

    I just received a Fire TV with XBMC already installed. It is working great but I am interested in loading SPMC in the future. How do I find this app to install it when it is available? I can't seem to be able to find. Thanks in advance.
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    Apple TV2 software versions and XBMC

    Thanks to everyone that answered my question or read my post. I have been away for a few days and could not see your responses. I didn't realize that the older software versions actually have some advantages. It is always great to learn something new about XBMC on this Forum. I will not tempt...