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    Question Tv shows not working

    Hi guys, hoping for some help. As of last night the nine of the tv show sections on any add on seems to be working for me, I’ve tried several. Movies seem fine. I’m just wondering if this another cdata type affair?
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    Question Ethernet

    Using a T95Q with ip vanish. For some reason when I connect the vpn, the Ethernet is disconnecting but when I go into ip settings and click on DHCP is says “saved” and it connects again. I’ve never had to do this before. Can anyone explain what’s happening here? Cheers
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    Question T95Q LED

    Hi, just bought a T95Q. It has a strip led which is constantly changing colour. Anyone know if this signifies anything? cheers
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    Question Cached RD links

    Can anyone explain this to me? I’ve had a RD account for ages and I’ve no idea if I’m actually using the cached links or not. How do you differentiate between the different RD links?
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    Streams causing restart issues?

    Hi, I’m having issues with my T95X2. I only use Debrid streams but recently having issues with either Kodi or the entire box restarting mid stream. DroiX reckon it’s the addons but I’m not sure coz it’s happening on all of them, eg on Crew, Numbers, etc. I’ve cleared the cache and other stuff...