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    Desperate to watch UK channels using FilmOn.TV but always get script error

    I am using windows 10 with kodi, just a regular old PC (no fancy boxes or anything) :-) I also try this on my laptop, which is Windows 7, still can't get it to work. We're desperate to watch some good old programs from home, like BBC1 etc., and see that they're available on FilmOn.TV, but...
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    Desperate to watch UK tv, tried everything, but still get script error :-(

    I tried IPTV, tried FilmOn.TV, watched literally hundreds of youtube videos where people explain how to set it up to watch UK channels on Kodi (15.2), but no matter what I do - no matter what addons they tell me to install - when I click on bbc1 or anything in the UK, I just get script error. I...