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    Bug Kodi 16.1 HD Streams video playback issues

    Hi, I am using MX2 boxes and have got 1 android MX2 android version 4.4 and the second one has got OPenelec version. I am having this issue with Android box (Openelec works very good) where in HD streams are not playing fine they would just keep freezing and pixelated but audio seems to work...
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    Release PyLearner - Learn Python the "easy" way.

    Thanks for taking the time out to educate the community!!
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    Bug Youtube - project marked for deletion

    Yes i have tried that link as well and downloaded youtube 5.1.17 but thats not working as soon as i search something it gives me error message "bad request". If that would have been working i would not have bothered you sorry mate I hope theres a fix for youtube :-/
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    Bug Youtube - project marked for deletion

    Thanks a lot for your reply mate.. sorry but i am not sure how to make api keys. Do you have working youtube addon that you could share (i love watching Documentary tube and history tube addons - docs on youtube)
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    Bug Youtube - project marked for deletion

    Hi Sorry just been noticing since last 5-6 days that youtube isnt working with XBMC versions (have checked it on 13.2 Gotham on my machine and my mates machine as well) and even if we try to search it giver error message " project marked for deletion". Also, all the supported addons like...
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    Bug Many common video addons stuck on "working" since this morning

    Hi Guys, I would like to notify you guys that as of today some addons are not functioning properly. Addons like 1Ch**nel, Muts nuts, Yify movies, projectfreetv, Movie night etc. are having issues where in if you try to navigate to different sections in the addons you will notice that it would...
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    Pirates Become Biggest Political Party in Local Czech Election

    I wish we could have a pirate party here as well :)
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    [RELEASE] Live Security Cameras on XBMC

    YEah its not been working since last 3 weeks i guess now