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    Video play back on fire stick stutters

    I don't know if this has been mentioned yet or resolved but I noticed a lot of movies or TV shows that I stream on the fire stick seem to stutter alot. Does anyone else have this problem
  2. J

    Grooveshark without premium account

    Was wondering if there was a grooveshark addon that would let you log in in with your basic free account...i'm aware that there is already an addon for grooveshark but it requires a Grooveshark Anywhere account to log in
  3. J

    Updating XBMC on Captive Works cw-4000hd

    It's running eden and was wondering if anyone knows how to update this to frodo? I checked there site but found no info..not sure if this device is still supported or not
  4. J

    Has anyone tried xbmc on Vizio Co-STar

    I read that xbmc is suppose to work on google tv now that it's updated to Jelly Bean. Does this mean xbmc will run on a vizio co-star now? Was wondering if anyone has tried installing yet.
  5. J

    Xbmc Hub Maintenance broken?

    Is this addon broken now..will there be an alternative for it or at least something that downloads all the repos at once like this add on did?
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    Is there an add-on for http://www.Al* seems like a good site that has alot of content
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    usb dvd drive on ouya

    does anyone know if you can connect a usb dvd drive into the ouya and play content off of a disc through xbmc? or any android set top box