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    have a question about add-ons & alldebrid account

    The log shows that url resolver couldnt play the file, that could mean that the host is not added to urlresolver.But i´m not sure about this as it seems you tried a few. Not sure what hosts are supported by Alldebrid though so my suggestion is that you ask the dev who makes that plugin youre...
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    have a question about add-ons & alldebrid account

    If you have put your account info there you are all set, the urlresolver works for not only 1Ch**nel but a bunch of other addons too. If your not getting any content to play then we need to see a log.
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    have a question about add-ons & alldebrid account

    ok, i´m guessing you have already installed the addon so whats left for you is to bring up the context menu in the (video) addons section. Choose add-on settings and put your account info there. If you don´t find a place to put it there it might be that you need to add it to urlresolver.
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    Add Ons

    ? Bring up the context menu (c on keyboard)and select "force update"
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    have a question about add-ons & alldebrid account

    What you mean going back to that page? didn´t you get some kind of confirmation, account info when signing up?
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    have a question about add-ons & alldebrid account

    I would search for the alldebrid site, sign up there. Get account info, put the info in the addon settings.
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    Script failed:<pretty much anything>

    I think that you already have the answer, seems to be modules missing. Read the log as far as "missing simplejson" module. I would try to force refresh the repo, know that they have had som e problems these past days. Otherwise you can find the module here...
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    Deleting addon

    not really clear on what you mean but my guess is that you want the whole repo gone not just the addon from the "get addon" directory. Bring up the context menu on the repo holding the addon, choose "add-on information" (or something like that) followed by "uninstall" This will remove the addon...
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    Legality of watching shows in the US from this?

    I'm not American so can't say for sure what the laws look like in the US. But think about it, you are getting something for nothing (when does that happens :) ) Plus even if you're only watching a stream you're still downloading it. But as far as I know no one has yet been prosecuted for it.
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    Some questions about CEC support for SHARP AQUOS TV

    Quick answer, no. Youll need an CEC adapter. Also you need a TV that supports it., not sure about yours so look that up before buying.
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    viaplay addon

    There is one over at .org, uses an external player though.
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    Need Help with error script failed plugin video Ic*f*lms (and 1Ch**nel) Pleeeeease

    Errors on multiple addons suggests somethings wrong with a module, but we need to see those logs to be sure mate.
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    Internet browser addon?

    This question keeps getting asked from time to time. And as whufclee stated there is no true web browser. There is a linear text based one but thats maybe not what you are looking for. In my opinion there is no use of a web browser but i´m guessing that comes down to what kind of...
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    Ok, sorry for the wait.. Here you go: The livestreaming works, when theres nothing on it will throw a script failed though. Haven´t looked in to why. The archive stuff isn´t implemented so no use there. The quality of the streams is...
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    ok, then i must be using another version. I can upload it later tonight. It´s a nice addon seems to show mostly football (soccer) and cricket though.
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    hello there peoples

    Welcome! The youtube addon is in the official repo, in other words no use of installing any repo.
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    just asking......

    Your best shot would be Na*i-X or any of the livetv addons. I think i remember seeing spiketv in bluecops cable addon (cant remember its name).
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    changed internet provider

    The errors looks like no internet access.
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    a physical remote for xmbc linux / windows

    check out: I´m using the cec-adapter, works great but they also have the motorola nyxboard that works with xbmc out of the box.