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    Release Football Replays

    Any news guys still not working ?
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    Release Football Replays

    Any other Addons similar to this Football Reply Application ?
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    Football replays not working in few day Oct 28th

    Yes same problem with me, and this is not the first time it always happen one week works and another stop working. Hope they can update it soon
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    You can find out this addon in you tube.
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    Regarding the 3D

    Hi Is there is any Addons shows new and famous old films in real 3D?
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    Can you help me guys

    Dear friends, Can you please guide me to which Addons have 3D movies ? the famous movies new and old. Thanks
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    Regarding AlQudseyes Addons

    Hello to all, is any one know how can I fix the problem with AlQudseyes addons to make it work again?
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    ******- TV Add-On

    Hi, I need to know how can I start the ******- TV to be working on my G-Box Q with Kodi? I always got a message right click on the plug in name and then click the Add-on setting menu fill the needed data. So I don't know what data it needs to be filled? Any help
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    AlArab addons problem

    Dear all I have only Audio working and no video on AlArab Addons, any suggestion to fix this problem? I have G-Box Q with Kodi V15.1 and firmware V1.3
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    AL Arab Add ons problem

    What happened with AlArab add ons it want work first I got just Audio without Video and now nothing works, is there is any solution for this Add ons and the rest of Arabic Add ons like Dailytube4U
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    How can I backup my setting

    Dear all, Please need to know how can I create a backup of my current settings " all Addons setting" in my G-Box MX2 in case I do factory reset and want to keep my setting to turn it back after that. Thanks
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    Firm ware

    Thanks every one I could manage to do that
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    Firm ware

    Hi Friends, Need your help please, I need to know how can I upgrade from Gotham V12 to Gotham V13.2 I use Firmware 1.1.6 and need to keep it at it is but with the new Gotham V13.2 The exact steps please.
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    Thank you so much
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    Football Replay

    Hi to all, Can any one help me to locate the Add-on Football replay ? I don't see it any more after I install the new TV add on! Thanks
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    Sorry I meant Daily Tube4U. Thanks also by the way do you have any idea where can I find the Football replay Add-ons ? Thanks
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    Hi to all, Is Utube4you still working? I have my G-Box Midnight MX2 and tried many times to open the Utube4you add-ones but with no success, I just want to know is it still working or gone ? Thanks