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    Slow YouTube buffering.

    I went ahead and grabbed a log. Also, video from Ic*f*lms won't play if you guys don't mind taking a look at that too.
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    Slow YouTube buffering.

    Ok I installed both the 'YouTube fix' and Tuxen's advanced settings file. No change. :(
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    Slow YouTube buffering.

    I'm using RaspBMC, and I have a wired internet connection of 22mbps, but I still can't get 720p YouTube video to load without waiting 10+ minutes for it to buffer. I've set the "cachemembuffersize" to zero on advancesettings as I read that might help, but it didn't make a difference. Any help?
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    Installing onto USB flash drive?

    Alright I'm convinced. I was originally going the get the 700 drive as you mentioned, but I found the 780 model (TS8GJF780) to be faster, and a bit cheaper. Ill definitely let you know if I see an improvement, and ill probably record the interface with and without the drive for comparison. So...
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    Installing onto USB flash drive?

    Will installing RaspBMC onto a USB really give me a snappier menu? And is the menu the only thing that will run faster, or will the system load movie artwork faster as well? Also, if I have an existing RaspBMC installation will I have to reinstall in order to create a flash drive? And will size...
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    openelec vs raspbmc

    Yeah by better resolution I meant better image resolution for movie art out the box. I tried enabling high res art on OpenElec, and it wasn't happening for me.
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    openelec vs raspbmc

    I feel everybody will tell you the same thing, and ask you to try both for yourself. I went with OpenElec at first simple because it seemed to be the system of choice, but I soon switched to RaspBMC for better resolution, and really nothing else as I didn't notice any other difference. But then...
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    Best USB Wifi for Raspberry Pi

    Another Edimax user here.
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    wifi dongle

    I use one from Edimax. It's $10 on Amazon.
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    Question about Airplay...

    Whenever I airplay video from my iPhone, my Pi picks up the video by displaying a thumbnail of the video, then goes back to the menu as it works on I guess loading the actual video, and then after about half a minute, it proceeds to playback the video. Is there a way to simply have the Pi work...
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    OpenElec RC5 released

    Does this release retain the crappy thumb and GUI resolution limit? And what can I do about the gray blocks that appear when fast fowarding video?
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    External HD reccomendations?

    I'm looking into buying a 4tb external HD simply because It's not a whole much more expensive than say a 1tb model. And I would appreciate having a more than generous amount of storage. Would you guys happen to have any reccomendations? So far I've come up with these two, but don't know what to...
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    Internet network?

    Yeah I actually did enable UPnP and it seems as if Plex took care of the rest. I think the connection wasn't working because my internet was down for some reason. I reset the router and I'm now able to access the server via 3G. Would 1080p 8mbps be pushing it for WiFi streaming or am I in the safe?
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    Internet network?

    Ok I'm loving the Plex system and interface, and it gave me no problems streaming locally, but I couldn't access the server from my iPhone Plex app through my work's WiFi. I hope it's only because I have my home PC locked at the moment. I really don't want to mess around with my router's...
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    OpenElec RC4 released

    Can anybody confirm if this removes the UI resolution limit, and gray blocks when fast fowarding?
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    Internet network?

    Plex seems great so far! I can't wait to receive my Edimax WiFi adapter and test it out. What settings are you guys using for Plex? The WiFi at my work is slow, and I went with with 8mpbs 1080p under the app's settings, as well as under the Plex's online settings for both local and remote.
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    Internet network?

    VPN, Server, Dropbox, Mega, Remote Desktop. Thanks for the help guys. Which of this services would allow me to share my media without uploading any of it to the internet?
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    Internet network?

    It may be just a wacky idea, but would it be possible to play the media in my home PC over the Internet? I mean, I know it can be accessed locally, but say I take my XBMC system to work, and would like to access the media from my home PC there. Would it be possible? What would I need? Thanks.
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    Can somebody please explain iTunes HD?

    I've seen movies being offered in HD that aren't even available on Bluray! Are these titles authentic HD? And I hear they are DRM protected, would that keep me from playing them over my network to my Pi? I like the idea of getting HD versions of some of my favorite older movies, but for the...
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    Advance 10 minutes by pressing up bottom on XBMCRemote?

    Great news! Thanks for the heads up.