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    Linksnappy voucher giveaway!

    I have five vouchers available for the Linksnappy premium "debrid" service which support was recently included in URLresolve/ResolveURL. I am going to pick the users randomly via a python script and recorded in a video, just post a comment in this thread.
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    Streamlink resolver - A collection of plugins primarily targetted for live content

    Once upon a time there was liveresolver for Kodi. It got abandoned somewhere around late 2017. Then there was livestreamer, a pure python library which someone had been packaging for Kodi which also got abandoned somewhere around late 2016. Now there is streamlink and this is its upstream...
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    Release script.module.tulip - a fork of lambda's lamlib

    Lamlib is a script addon containing many frequently used routine commands. I found out it is very easy to utilize and work with, and actually developed a premium addon that uses it. But then I realized it lacked some properties and functions that I think were useful so I forked it and made...
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    Release PyLearner - Learn Python the "easy" way.

    Teach yourself the high-level programming language coming by the name "Python". Whether you want to learn how to develop simple scripts, build GUIs, understand its concepts or even do mathematical operations, this is the addon for you. From the comfort of your smartphone or even your living...
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    Repository Bootstrapper (a.k.a. your own repo) ver.2.0

    Repository Bootstrapper Creating a repository enables you to easily distribute your addons to your Kodi clients. It has never been easier before and with "Repo Bootstrapper", you can create one from scratch by running a simple Python script. Create a repository addon which users can install...
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    Release - Measure your internet speed with Ookla services

    "" is a full-screen, internet speed measuring program add-on for Kodi. Its based on Arnubox's Speedtester with an interface similar to its native Android counterpart. The only difference they have is the absence of advertisements to make it lighter and less distracting...
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    Greek (and others) XMLTV mirror for EPG guides.

    Hello everyone, I didn't know where to post it, this section looks the most proper. A couple of months ago I was looking for a direct xmltv link to insert into the IPTV Simple Client configurations. Vuplus-community has blocked direct access from Kodi "due to misconfigurations" and in order...
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    Portable Kodi for Windows [7z,EXE]

    I am using portable builds for testing purposes all the time, so I 've decided to make and upload some for the community. These builds are unofficial and experimental, meaning they work as intended, but are provided as is. First build starts with version 16.1 Jarvis and these are for Windows...