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    VPN only on kodi

    I don't really understand your question. Why do you want a separate VPN traffic? I use NordVPN for all of my connections and works great. You can add up to 6 devices.
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    About SoftEther VPN Project

    Hi. I personally wouldn't use a free VPN: not only because of speeds, but also for privacy reasons - who knows what they are using your data for. Just get something like NordVPN or VPNac. I personally use Nord and have zero issues with it. Here's a pretty good deal if you are interested, maybe...
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    Which VPN is Best?

    Well, I was choosing between NordVPN and VPNac, but chose Nord, because of the speeds and many servers. I've found another good offer, maybe it'll help someone, 3 dollars a month is a bargain I think :)
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    I've been using Kodi for months and just found this forum. Hi everyone :)
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    Kodi Addons

    Yes, it is most likely the wrong URL.
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    Favorite VPN provider?

    Mine too TBH. Wanted to find the best VPN for Kodi, tried NordVPN and AirVPN and liked Nord more for it's fast speeds and many servers to choose from. Used GIFT75 code at several months ago to save some cash, maybe it still works.