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    NordVPN for Kodi: great deal!

    Yes, there's a new deal going on, similar to the previous one. 3 years and only 2,99 a month! Here you can read it how to get one:
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    NordVPN for Kodi: great deal!

    Have you actually tried it with Kodi? I am using it and it is fine. Anyway, if someone wants to get it there is a new discount, just enter DEAL66 for 66% off discount at the NordVPN checkout page.
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    VPN only on kodi

    Hi. You can read about Kodi and VPNs for it here. Why there's a need for it? So it could save your ass if you illegally use copyrighted stuff :)
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    NordVPN for Kodi: great deal!

    Hi. I've been using NordVPN for Kodi for a while right now (running through router) and I'm happy with it: good speeds and supports Netflix, iPlayer, Prime etc. And I've found some coupon codes if you want good deals, there's also a free trial and 30 money back guarantee. Anyway, ENCRYPT2Y gives...
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    Brand new to the Forum... Is there a search function to see if my question ...

    There's a search icon on the toolbar on the right.
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    Which VPN is Best?

    Thanks for the deal! My friend is searching for a VPN right now and I recommended him Nord, because that's what I use. Now he could save up some cash.
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    Favorite VPN provider?

    Yes, mine is NordVPN also and I've tried some others before that. Nice speeds too.