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    The Case Of The Missing Icon

    In the absence of Sherlock Holmes I come here for some help. I look after the TV box of an elderly friend and I have recently installed an add-on, which does not need to be named. I have put the icon on the Home Page (Confluence Skin) but it keeps disappearing. It is easy enough to reinstate...
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    Unexpected Stuttering

    Normally my Intel NUC with Windows 10 plays Kodi just fine. However, in the last few days any new stream from any add-on irrespective of the source will not just start and run. Rather, it keeps freezing and/or stuttering but if I fast forward a couple of minutes it runs OK. The stuttering etc...
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    This may not be the right place to ask so my apologies if that is the case. I am trying to find out if my Intel NUC 5i5RYH will be able to run the new H.265/HEVC video format. My research has found conflicting views and so the best way is to try it out. Therefore, my request is if anybody out...
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    MP3 Streams

    I have seen elsewhere that this add-on has been taken over by someone else so I put it on. However, as before, any stream only runs for 17 seconds and then cuts off. Does anyone know why this should be?
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    Premium Source Identifier Color

    On a few add-ons (forks of each other) I see this setting under Playback. What is the significance of the colour and do I have any input into its choice?
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    I like the thumbnail layout but in three add-ons (which shall remain unnamed), all of which are linked to Trakt (a brilliant entity), one has all choices showing a pretty picture, another showing none at all and the third only showing thumbnails for older choices not the very latest. I have...
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    Seasonal Joke

    A young lady had driven her car through a hedge and into a field down a very snowy and slippery road. Fortunately the farmer, who owned the field, came along in his tractor and proceeded to withdraw the car. His neighbour came along to speak to him and the farmer said, “I’ll be with you as soon...
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    Hypothetical Question

    My hypothetical question is, if on any previously regularly maintained add-on but which is no longer being maintained, one uses the Clear Providers facility, would that prove detrimental to the continued performance of said add-on?
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    Would some kind person who is registered with ***** (I sincerely hope this name is allowed) please try to log in to their account and report back if it was successful or if, like me, they ended up in a never-ending login loop. I have foolishly removed my API key from an add-on and cannot get it...
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    Contacting Developer

    In happier times I could ask a question about a certain add-on here and either a well informed poster or the developer would answer. Well I have a query about what is probably considered to the most popular add-on but presumably I will only get joy if I contact the developer directly. How do I...
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    Greek TV

    I ask this on behalf of my Greek friend living out of Greece. Does anyone know of an add-on or other which will allow him to watch Greek TV via Kodi? If an answer may break the forum's rules then please PM me. Thanks in advance. I omitted to say he is prepared to pay.
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    YouTube Updating

    I have YouTube installed and since a recent automatic update it is stuck in the Available Updates section of Add-ons but is shown as enabled. If I force update I have a choice of repos including Kodi's own. It will successfully go through the update process but it remains stuck in the Available...
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    Maintenance Tool

    Recently the Cache and Packages are permanently showing zero content despite obviously not having zero content. The Thumbnails is populating and can be cleared to zero content using the tool as normal. Why is this?