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    New Amazon Fire TV on sale for $74.99

    Amazon's black friday sale is on and the 2nd gen AFTV is on sale: Amazon Fire TV - Amazon's Official Site - Learn More Anyone running Kodi on this? I love it on the first gen AFTV, but how's it on the 2nd generation? Even faster?
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    Android SetTop Box Master Thread. Buy, Don't Buy, User Advice & Reviews

    Very useful information. Would you say that a box with Amlogic s812 2GB ram and 16gb storage is worth spending more than twice as much for as an MXQ box with Amlogic s805 1GB ram and 8gb storage for $77 or an M8 box with Amlogic S802 2GB ram and 8gb storage for $89? My current experience is...
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    Autopilot won't launch XBMC on wake up

    So i downloaded llama from and chose the same version currently in the Play Store, as there are a few newer versions and I don't want to take a chance with something newer and potentially less stable. I side loaded it on, used Ikono TV as the sacrificial amazon...
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    Autopilot won't launch XBMC on wake up

    ok, I'll follow section 5 of the wiki, but instead of Classic TV, which apparently isn't available in Canada, I'll used Ikono TV which is and apparently also works. Hope it works out.
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    Autopilot won't launch XBMC on wake up

    XBMC Launcher can only be done on a rooted FTV though, and I just plugged this new one in yesterday, which then automatically updated right to the latest version,, which tells me is unrootable. So it seems I'm stuck with sideloading...
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    Autopilot won't launch XBMC on wake up

    So I've side loaded Autopilot which launches XBMC on boot- nice! in XBMC, I turned on Settings level to Advanced, then Power saving to Quit after 10 mins, so that it quits to AFTV menu which will then allow it to Sleep, nice too. however when I wake it up, it goes back to just the AFTV menu...
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    Sleep MODE

    is your FTV sleeping ok? I just sideloaded Autopilot (adb install the .apk) to autoboot XBMC, which worked, but am curious if it'll sleep ok if left in XBMC, and at wakeup, wake up to XBMC again?
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    [HOW TO] Install XBMC on Amazon Fire TV Using Nothing But Your Android Phone Or Table

    Thanks Showgun. Just followed these instructions and with my Nexus4, I got the install done on the Fire TV in no time. Excellent.
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    "Cyber Monday" Amazon Fire TV for $69 @

    We posted a minute apart! Just got one myself. Interested to see the menu performance improvement over my BOXEE BOX which works well but is slow next to my Nexus4 so I've had an itch to upgrade for a while.
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    amazon fire TV is now $69

    At I was limited to only 1. Ie quantity 2 wasn't allowed. I'm not a prime member if that makes a difference.