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    REAL DEBRID SIGNUP ~ HOW can TVADDONS get 'credit'?

    Howdy All! I am now ready to signup for Real Debrid... I've been doing lots of reading and I thought I read somewhere that 'credit' is given to TVADDONS if I subscribe through here? My question now is: How and where do I signup to assure TVADDONS gets that 'credit'? Thank you! :cool: SOGLAD5
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    Howdy all!

    TVADDONS Wizards and Members ~ Thank you for all of your FANTASTIC work! I am SO GLAD to be part of this awesome Forum, but I've been around since "glitching" and since sparks were first made (just kidding about that part). My first HOT screaming modem was 28k dial-up... I know... This is...
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    Is gethub constantly tracking members?

    MICROSOFT NOW OWNS GETHUB and I seriously DOUBT if they will be "friendly", but here is MORE! I suspect GETHUB is tracking ALL of it's members? I may be way off base on this but here is what I discovered: I installed GETHUB a few days ago and made some system/network changes today. Next I...