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    Help - Resuming playback from last point

    Hello to all, and a happy new year. I´m developing an addon, that streams content from a website, all is working great, but i would like to add a feature to allow users to resume playback from last position, for example, if a user stops the playback, and then starts the same movie, it dosen´t...
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    Need assistance and suggestions to create a Cloud based addon

    Hi, I'm looking to create a good addon which reply on FTP and or Cloud based I believe no one have done an addon like this before, I mean the usage I planned to do with it. I need a bit of suggestions to see how I can implements this... What I know it will run as a service in Kodi Further...
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    Request Kodi programmer

    hi everybody i need experienced programmer for plugin creation for kodi i need simple thing , and i pay please if you intrested , contact me trough pm or email ealireza[at]gmail[.]com
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    I want to make kodi addons,

    I need a guide step by step for make kodi addon.
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    Help With my first add-on UrlResolver

    Hello, im new to coding and need some help in making my first addon. I have the addon loading and scraping my links from my movie account that i would like to play, but i can't seem to get UrlResolver to work with my code. Can someone help me in adding Resolver so my links will be resolved...
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    Help With my first Add-on

    I'm making my first video add-on. I have the addon made and working in Kodi by adding each video link inside the code one by one. But i would like to use request to get the urls from a hosted txt file and enter them in my code automatically. That way i don't have to code each and every film, and...
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    Help with my first add-on

    Hey guys, I've been working on my first add-on but have hit another wall and was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. I have my add-on created and working with a few video sources, but i would like to use Request to populate the links in the code from a hosted txt file...
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    authorization in addon

    anyone know how i can put authorization in the addon so that only register user can use?
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    WIP Kissanime Plugin

    Hello Everyone, I'm new here on the forums, and also to writing kodi addons. The old kissanime plugin by thehighway hasn't been working for quite some time, so I decided to write one myself. My plugin sorta works, but is slow as heck and crashes every now and then. here's a link to the plugin...
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    Release Audrey - Create Kodi addons with no Python knowledge

    Audrey addon script and Audrey Tester This Audrey script has been made to help make creating Kodi addons a lot easier. To the extent that if you download the Audrey Tester Addon it will auto generate your addons for you, so there will be no need for any programming knowledge to create addons...
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    Jen List Coding

    anyone know how to print a url which only appears via kodi and not a browser? i want to be able to see all the xml information listed in the file but printed in the kodi log in the C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Kodi folder
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    how do i install a addon from a zip file in python

    I have a directory of repos zip A fresh start of kodi. I need to install all those repos I look at instaladdon built in but dont know how to execute please help Nick
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    WIP HTTP caching proxy

    This is a WIP caching server for Kodi. It can currently only handle http live streams, but I do plan to add hls and seeking support as well. When the player requests a file, DownloadThread will download the stream continuously until a new file has been requested or the player has been...
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    How to make your own addon and repo?

    Can someone give me some info on how to do this? I read it a couple of threads and looked at kodi website wiki but still understand how the fundamentals work. Does an addon have to be hosted online on github? Or can you just have it on your own android box? Same with a repo. Or can it just...
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    What's up with all of those null files?

    I've seen a lot of null files in addons. I'm new to kodi development but I'm an experienced programmer. I don't understand why we have those null files?
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    Request Using requests to scrap website using java script

    sorry wrong section posted here
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    Help with adding leading '0' to Season/Episode numbers for simple little add-on

    Hi all. I'm trying desperately to put together a little Furk related context menu add-on. The idea is you can use it to search for content on 'What The Furk' or Furk's own 'Furk' add-on from anywhere within the Kodi library or other add-ons. It does work at the moment, but I have almost zero...
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    Just a quick Shoutout to all development team !

    Guys, im sure you hear this all the time on here, but I really wanted to take a minute to say a HUGE thanks to all of the development team. You guys devote so much time and effort into KODI and all the add-ons, so from me (and I'm sure millions of others), thank you again for your hard work...
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    Guys you are doing great job, just to let you know,I appreciate your work very much.Thank you.
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    Thanks to all of you development

    tHANKS KODI U AR THE BEST :) grasias por permitirnos ver tv de calidad se les aprecia mucho senores desarolladores :)