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    unbrick amazon fire tv

    i have a fire tv box that when i turn on its stuck on recovery mode this is what it says amazon system recovery <e> i hit alt print screen and i and the screen comes up is amazon system recovery <e> with e: failed to mount/cache e:cant mount/cache/recovery/last_log e:cant open/cache/ and so...
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    How to download files from Firestick to Windows 10 PC

    I have the download path (I think) set up from my living room TV with Kodi 17.6 on Firestick(FS) to my PC. The FS is tied to my router via ethernet cable. When I find a file I want to download the DOWNLOAD screen comes up, it asks me if I am sure, the it does its incremental notifications, i.e...
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    Addons fail to install on fire stick tv

    Addons fail to install on fire tv stick So I'm pretty new to Kodi and Fire TV stick stuff, but I followed the installation instruction to a t from here I added fusion.tvaddon and when I try to install the addons, they fail to install, mind you I have switched...
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    *** need help in updating kodi ***

    Hi, I have an amazon fire tv. The Kodi app was working fine for couple of years but then most of the streams stopped working so I decided to install kodi again. I did not remove the kodi that was already there. I tried to install on top of the current version. I was not sure if I need to...
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    Bug KODI Sports Hub

    Has anyone got this app working ? I want it for the 4 major sports MLB NBA NFL NHL games
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    Debug file

    I need help bad because all of a sudden my add-ons don't work. Below is my debug file. Thanks!
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    New fire tv

    I just purchased a few new fire tv. When I try to install Kodi in downloader I get this message: an unknown error has occurred. Check your url and connection. Any idea why I am getting this? I also bought a couple of fire sticks and had no issues. I am following the instructions from the site...
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    No JSON object could be decoded

    I am using Kodi 17.6 and have loaded numerous builds, all resulting in the same issue. When I check error logs, it reports: No JSON object could be decoded. Searching for a fix, it advised to update a file "". Not sure where to look. Or if I do find it, how to actually perform...
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    Sound jitters on Stick after opening Kodi

    Bit of a strange one..... When I power up the Fire Stick trailers will play normally and other apps play fine too. But when I open Kodi and try to play an AddOn the sound jitters. Then when I exit Kodi and play the trailers and other apps again the sound continues to jitter. To make things...
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    Suddenly Firestick wireless slow using Kodi video add-ons. Been fine for a year

    Suddenly Firestick wireless slow using Kodi video add-ons. Been fine for a year This is a strange one. I have 2 firesticks. One ethernet wired with the great Ugreen connector and one wireless. Been working great for over a year. A Time warner modem/router with wireless and a Netgear R8000 as...
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    Request I’m stuck in Kodi (on Amazon Fire TV)

    I got an Amazon Fire TV from a friend with Kodi already installed. It had a wacky build I wasn’t into. So I attempted to give it a “Fresh Start”. That removed the addons, but that’s it. Same build as before. And I can’t get back to Amazon’s home screen. There is no way out that I can find. If I...
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    Play BD/DVD Discs From Computer To FireTVStick

    Hello all! I would simply like to play my BD/DVD discs from the BD/DVD drive in my computer, which is in one room, on a TV with a FireStick in another room. I do *not* want to rip or convert them, just play them as they are, like you would normally on the computer or on a stand-alone player...
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    Request how do i update to latest kodi version on firestick

    i have kodi 15.0 on my stick. i see the instructions on how to download but how do i update? do i need to completely uninstall kodi? thx!
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    Request Newbie to updating Kodi on Amazon Fire Box with only using box to update

    My mother bought us this Amazon box about 4 years ago with Kodi already installed. For years it always updated itself. Now it won't and i don't want to mess up the box build. Using Isengard 15.2. Is there any help to update the Kodi right from the Amazon Box itself? I have all Apple products...
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    2nd Ben Firestick works via original KG TV remote

    just posting this in case other people are interested. I plugged my Firestick into the LG (60LA8600) TV's HDMI and it linked up automatically to the TV's remote. Fortunately, the LG remote has all the necessary media keys (eg - play, stop, et cetera). Sooo happy as I only need the one remote to...
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    Kodi 17.6 issue

    Hi everyone, not exactly a Kodi addon but I have a problem with Kodi either kicking me out back to Amazon home page or the kodi background goes all black and is unresponsive. I'm using Amazon fire tv. Hardwired. Kodi 17.6. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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    Help with getting Channel Pear to work on Firestick

    I have Channel Pear on my older Firesticks that work fine. Now I just got a new Firestick and I am having problems getting Channel Pear to work. After Amazon removed Channel Pear from there app store two months ago, I figure I would try to install the apk Channel Pear from another...
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    ******Talk/Addons page screen issue

    Hello all: New member here. Looking forward to learning and becoming part of the community. Have an issue that I hope someone can lend a hand with. For the past week or so, I can't access my add-ons because I can't close a page screen about ****** endorsing the TVAddons page (I'd link a photo...
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    Request backup programs no longer work

    Have a fire tv and android box using 17.6. Was using the Kodi BU program on both but the other day I started to get an error when starting up kodi. I then installed the USB wizard backup and the tvaddons bu programs and get an error with both when I try to do a BU. I have changed nothing in my...
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    Bug Hulu keeps crashing

    Greetings All, I have Hulu Plus on my Firestick and it keeps crashing daily when I am watching my favorite series. I contacted Hulu support and they just told me to unplug my Firestick and than plug it back in. But I have done that more than once and the problem still occurs. Has anyone else...