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    Maybe Need to DOWNLOAD to 14.2

    using KODI 15 when i put a zip file (via adbFire) onto the sd option and open the Install From Zip file and select sd card option and find the zip and attempt to open it, the KODI freezes right there (worked always on 14.2 so its not me lol) just wondering if this is a KODI 15 issue?
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    Uninstall Heliix before installing Isengard on Firestick?

    Hi - Does anyone know if I have to uninstall Helix 14.2 off my FireStick before I sideload Isengard 15.0, if not, will I lose all my add on settings? I'm using the amazon fireTV utility app, and there's an option to uninstall, so I'm not sure if I need to. Thanks for any help
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    I have a few questions

    1. I tried to install Kodi 15.0 Isengard on the Fire TV Stick I tried both Arm & X86 and neither would install at all. 2. If I install TVMC on Fire TV Stick how do you copy the favorites for Ic*f*lms and 1Ch**nel when there is no USB slot on the Stick. 3. What is the add-on Al*uc because on...
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    help with adb fire

    I cannot for the life of me download adb fire 1.28. When i click on the download mirror i get a 405 not allowed page no matter which mirror i use. Can anyone share a zip?
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    firetv stick problem with the home apps

    i got firetv stick installed kodi 14.2 in it i tried it it works good . but when i try just the original home screen apps like netflix or anything else it keep saying loading and hung there no apps load but if i try preview of movies it works the problem only the apps plz anyhelp ?
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    Kodi 15 plz share

    I use 14.2. How smooth Kodi 15 Is it still have some bugs or its final And works good. I'm using firetv and firetv stick Thx
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    Request please help

    Hay world love the program but I need help not computer illiterate but I have an issue yesterday my Amazon firebox updated and I lost all my add on now I can't link my Mac OS to my fire TV the program still there all apps are gone please help call if you can help please 234-206-1050 I just want...
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    Request please help

    Hay world love the program but I need help not computer illiterate but I have an issue yesterday my Amazon firebox updated and I lost all my add on now I can't link my Mac OS to my fire TV the program still there all apps are gone please help call if you me 234-206-1050 I just want to GET back...
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    Installed OK but NO APPS working??

    Hi all, seasoned XBMC/Kodi user here but this is driving me nuts! I have installed Kodi on numerous devices and never had this before Apart from Youtube nothing else appears to connect? so i know kodi is installed and working and have tried Genesis, *******, Ororo to name a few but nothing. all...
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    Wont Load video while paused

    Hello all, I just updated from 13.2 to 15.0..Everything was going great on 13.2 but when i switched to 15.0 when i pause a movie it only loads a little bit then stops even if i have it paused for 30 minutes it wont go any further. Anybody know what is going on?
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    Which Kodi 15 download for FireStick?

    Hi I want to upgrade to Kodi 15, I'm currently running 14.2, after I install it, I want to add Kodi 15 to an Amazon Firestick to use on my Smart TV, I've watch the videos on how to. Question: Which Kodi download should I choose, the one for Windows (I'm on Windows 8.1) or the link APK ARM x86...
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    audio and video play really fast on amazon fire tv (problem)

    I just got an amazon fire tv and rooted it. when i play a movie from the usb stick in sbmc or when i play tv using any app the audio and video play very fast. the audio sounds like a chipmunk speaking very fast is this a settings issue? how to fix this issue?
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    Installing VPN directly to Fire Tv

    I have a subscription to PIA for my windows PC but is there a way to install PIA on Fire Tv for when I take it over to Portugal ?
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    Hello All - First Post - I Screwed Things Up . . . PLEASE HELP

    I have been running smoothly for over a week. My D.A. decided to make my first change to the system. I decided to change the skin from the included CONFLUENCE to AEON NOX. I thought it seemed a simple process. I selected the new skin, downloaded, and installed it. Here is the problem . . ...
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    Infinite Loop on APK Install using ADB to Amazon Fire Stick

    I know this is a common issue and I've read through just about everything and nothing seems to help. I have an Amazon Fire Stick that I am trying to use ADB to upload Kodi 14.2 APK, all my setting are correct and I keep getting an infinite loop and the install never completes. I have tried...
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    fire stick remote

    Can anyone let me know how to download a remote to fire stick, and what is the best one to download. Thank you
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    New with Kodi 15.0

    Hey all, If I installed kodi 15.0 using adbfire on my amazonfire tv over the 14.2 am I in good shape? Can't seem to use any of the new 150 features though.
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    stuck on boot up

    i have reset my amazon fire tv after to many problems it was rooted when i got it , now all that happens is the green android robot appears after software update it updates so far then it just freezes then i get the message failed validation
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    What happens when your 'donor' app used for Kodi wants to update/upgrade itself?

    What happens when 'Drive In Classics' or whatever donor app that has been used for accessing Kodi wants to update? Do you lose the Kodi link to it and have to reset it through Llama? or nothing happens at all and you can still access Kodi in the same way?
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    USTVNOW/FireTV stick

    Does anyone have this working? Works fine on my other systems but I recently loaded Kodi 15 onto a new FireTV stick and can't get ustvnow to work. Thanks