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    Am I doing something wrong or does Kodi run terribly on the Fire HD tablets?

    My experience with Kodi has been on box devices like the Fire TV and Matricom G-box Q. This is my first time getting Kodi to run on a tablet and it's terrible. It locks the tablet into landscape mode which isn't terrible but I prefer to do portrait occasionally. The home and back buttons have...
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    Request SPMC for Firestick

    I've heard SPMC, which is a fork of Kodi, works better on Firestick. Does anyone know how to do this?
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    Request Check the log for error

    Hi guys, this is my first post. I'm running kodi 17.5 on the newest fire box. On several apps, I click on and get the "Check the log for error". What is causing this and how can I correct it ? All of the sports channels, along with some others do this. Please help.
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    VPN on 1st Gen FTV

    Hi, I'm thinking of getting Premiumize but is it possible to run a VPN on the 1st Gen box? I currently use unblockr (smartDNS) and they have released a VPN but they say a 1st gen can't run it. They say it looks to be working but it actually doesn't. Does anyone have any experience as i don't...
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    Kodi locating files on my iMac?

    Sometimes I want an addon but seems I need to obtain this via network connection with my computer (iMac) It's frustrating because I've never figured out how. I want my firestick/Kodi to locate a file I downloaded onto my iMac. How do I do this? :( Thanks
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    version check error

    on firestick get a version check error on startup , says see log i view log, don't understand it really,pressed the upload button but got another error seems to be working fine tho, why would i get this error all of a sudden ?
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    updating to new kodi on firestick

    so, i'm running isengard without really any problems i came across an addon that doesn't work for live streaming due to tsl/ssl i've since read this would be fixed by upgrading kodi is there a walk thru anywhere ? will i lose all my current addons ,repos etc?
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    Amazon Firestick Best Setup?

    I am trying to setup a firestick for my father what is the easiest way to set up Kodi with best addons to make it easy for him to figure out set and forget type of deal. Thanks
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    Apps Missing

    Apps are not showing on the HOME screen for Fire TV. The home screen is now almost entirely Amazon content.
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    Just another Firestick/FireTV user

    Howdy folks, Let me start this first thread with a huge thank you to the TV ADDONS folks. All the folks who handle the forums here and to the Devs who make this all possible. So, saw the new forum, thought I would say howdy. I've been using XBMC/Kodi for about 4 years now, give or take. I...
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    Bug Pause the video clip causing issue

    Hi Friends, i am new to KODI and new to this thread so please excuse me for any wrong doings. I am using AMAZON FIRE TV for KODI and i watch movies via Ex**us, Pho*nix and similar other add-ons. My issue is when i pause the video clip for more than 2 minutes; it automatically goes back to main...
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    Launching Kodi as default App on Firestick

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forums and have looked but can't find my answer so hoping somebody can help guide me in the correct direction. I have installed Kodi on the Firestick and it works fine, but I want it so when the Firestick is turned on that it goes directly into Kodi and not so you...
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    .adb problem connecting plz

    i have been using ./adb to install kodi since these stuff came out . i installed more than 25 unit i use macbook just today can not connect to firetv using ../adb never happen before . i kill the server i start the server when trying to connect it just came back to the prompt...
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    ES Explorer

    I am trying to download ES Explorer so I can load kodi on to my fire tv box, I changed the setting to allow other programs and the other settings to allow it to be downloaded. When I click on the program it won't download. I am in Canada registered it in the usa, address phone and cc in the usa
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    Configuring fire tv firetv or android

    I have loaded kodi and go to configure it. Which tile to I click on the android or the fire tv tile. It says fire tv is android based. It has the fire tv tile also. The screen has windows, apple, matricom. I have the newer fire tv box 2g.
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    Kodi logo gone?

    I have llama and iconotv on my 1gen firetv and the kodi logo is gone from the screen all i have is the iconotv logo anyone knows how to fix it i try with adb fire but the option is not there only for fire starter. Thanks for any advice.
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    4k firetv and llama?

    For those with the new 4k firetv can you install llama to be able to have kodi in the home screen. Thanks
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    Question about Firestick wizards

    I have 2 Firestick both with stock Kodi build. I have it set so TV shows are automatically populated above the TV Show banner. Is there any other build that will do this? I view my tv shows with 1 Channel. Is there a addon that automatically plays the show instead having of picking the stream...
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    Recording with PVR and AFTV

    I have recent bought a Hauppauge PVR . connected the firetv and then connected to a tv, but im just getting black screens. Are fire tv's protected from recording ? any input would be great. TYIA
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    Kicked out of KODI

    I have a FTV running Jarvis 16 b5, hard wired. It runs great but kicks me out of KODI and back to FTV screen when I go to Videos/get more. I reinstalled KODI and also tried 15.2 but same think. Ideas?