amazon fire tv

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    cant put to sleep ?

    ive loaded firestarter and set it to 1 click for kodi and double click to put to sleep , all works well whilst i have a registered amazon account , but when i deregister ( so i can sell the stick without my details on it ) , then ive noticed that the double click doesnt put the stick to sleep...
  2. H

    Restore AFTV1 to Orig

    My AFTV1 has been rooted for some time now with router set to block updates. Made the mistake of taking it to someones house and it received the new firmware. I had it setup using AppFreezer to freeze most Amazon related apps including the main software so it would just boot right up to...
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    problem getting into adons from fusion on fire tv box

    have a rooted fire tv box , that when I tried today to go to xbmc repos ,cant get into them , I click fusion takes me to start here , xbmc repos, xbmc scripts when I click on any of them it just bounces back to the top of start here ,so cant get into any if I did want to ad any ?never had...
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    Fire tv 2nd generation

    Pulsar will not open. It's keeps saying restart xbmc.
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    Reboot option kodi amazon fire tv 4k ?

    Hi i have installed pulsar on aftv 4k which is rooted , but kodi asks for restart before it will work . But kodi only has exit option , no reboot or power off option ? Tried power cycle aftv but still pulsar wont start . Any help would be great thank you . Running kodi 15.2 isengrad
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    I don't know if it has changed on the newer fire stick but I can't find the setting to enable karaoke on my new fire stick. It's working on my old one but the option just isn't there for my new one. Any tips?
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    adbfire for amazon fire box installation

    I can't seem to find the adbfire to use. when i try to download it i get an error. Can someone help me with this?
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    Fire stick typing

    I have already gotten tired of typing with my little fire stick remote. I have the voice remote in my living room (thought I'd be able to talk instead of type but I was wrong ) and a regular one in the bedroom. What do you guys use to type on the fire stick? I heard it's possible to connect a...
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    Free Memory is only 70mb and CPU Usage is very high - how to free up?

    Hi - I'm a very new user. I'm using Kodi on an Amazon Firestick. My wifi connection is showing as very strong. I just did a brand new install from factory settings and downloaded Kodi and Fusion to get several good apps. I have trouble trying to watch anything in high quality - medium...
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    Preparing for 1st run and low memory.. Connected?

    I have made several sticks but I am stumped at this. I usually install and run kodi once before I restore my build. A few times I have restored without running kodi and it works fine. Now I noticed on one tv each time I start kodi it says preparing for 1st run. This same tv also gave me the low...
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    4K tv and AFTV

    does anyone know if the fire TV first generation works on a 4k tv ?
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    Fire stick 2nd gen no addon will work

    Hope this the right place, Someone recently gave me the newish fire stick 2nd gen, kodi 15.2 went on fine but no addon will work, when go on Genesis and click any link such as latest episodes it says working for a sec then off nothing happens, if clink anything else just nothing comes on at...
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    Could latest FTV 5.0.4 software update have broken subtitles search on Kodi?

    Is this possible? Last sunday while using a Genesis and SA*TS video add-on, I tried to download a subtitle as usual but I got an error with every single subtitle add-on. This also happens with every other add-on and even my local media. The only thing that occurs to me, given that it was working...
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    external hard drive and the AFTV...having no luck

    I had read through the entire stickied thread above on adding a HDD to the fire tv but im getting nowhere with it. The hard drive is a powered WDBAAU0010-HBK 1tb drive. I have a rooted fire tv running software version Ive added a non powered 4 port USB hub to the fire box and when i...
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    Is router necessary to run amazon fire tv stick?

    As stated in the title that's my question. As I bought a couple of sticks for 25$ on black friday, I thought i'd give one to my mom for a little Christmas present. She has no computer at the moment, but I believe she has internet access. Do I also need to get her a router for the stick to...
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    How to I un-root my fire tv ?

    I have a Gen 1 fire tv that is rooted When I try to update firestarter of Kodi I get a message saying updates are blocked I'm assuming that I have to un root to allow these updates to happen? If so can I just do a factory restore on the fire tv ?
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    Trouble with remote control

    Using kodi 15.2. The newest firetv I'm having trouble with remote sometimes does not control the box New butterie. I always have to take the butterie out and put them back in order to control the box again Never happen befor with the old firetv Thank you
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    Amazon w/KODI installed

    Seen an Amazon Fire Stick with KODI already installed (not that it is hard to install) but look how far KODI has come! I think they are around 63 dollars
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    Help pleaseeee subs won't download

    I need help with subtitles on kodi. I don't know why they will not download, I am attaching a log so hopefully someone out here can help me out. It's a xmas present and I want it fully functional (don't wanna gift half assed). XBMC Debug Log Site
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    Gifting a Fire TV stick set up with TVMC but registered with my amazon account

    I bought 2 sticks on Black Friday, both came registered to my account. Im new to KODI but I have gone through the process outlined on this site and installed it on 1 stick. Happy days. My question is can I do likewise on the other stick, then unregister it and give it a gift to somebody for...