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    Amazon Fire Table

    Has anyone installed Kodi on the new $50 Fire tablet? Is it possible?
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    Failed to import Metahandlers

    I have the Amazon fire TV and a few days ago the message (failed to import Metahandlers) for prime wire 1Ch**nel and Ic*f*lms comes up how can I fix it.
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    Video crashes during fast forward

    Hello, Is there a way to prevent some videos from crashing during a fast forward? Sometimes slowing down the speed from 32x to 16x or lower will help but not all the time. A reason this could be important is because if one movie isn't working properly in one addon, I can check another addon...
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    load kodi using es explorer and fire tv remote,no adbfire.

    dont know if anyone else has seen this but if it makes installs easier its worth a bash. How to sideload apps like Kodi onto the Fire TV — Using nothing but the Fire TV | AFTVnews
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    Amazon Fire stick-constant low free memory...ideas to fix?

    Hi guys, Checked on 'system'-then system info. Constantly only 38-50 mb free memory. Memory/stoarage has 2.8 GB free. I 'purge packages' & 'clear cache' & weekly delete the thumnail db 13 file. I run tvmc ON helix 14.2. Any ideas/tools I can use to free up some more memory?
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    How to roll back to 14.2 from 15.1 on Fire Stick?

    Hi! new here. I just upgraded to Isengard this afternoon on my firestick via ADB Fire. It locks up when I try to install a repository. Is there an easy way to roll back to Helix 14.2? Can it be done via ADB fire? Dont want to lose my data either. thanks!
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    Updating Librtmp

    Can anyone advise or point me to a guide on updating the librtmp file on an Amazon Fire TV? :confused:
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    Fire TV Stick Freezing

    Hi, I've been recently experiencing freezing issues while watching movies on different Video Addons (N*viX, Genesis, 1Ch**nel). When it Freezes, I would need to restart my Amazon Fire Stick. I've been using the TV Addons auto config and have Insengard in one device and Helix on another, but...
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    help needed for newbie from london

    i'm new to Kodi and Genesis and been getting myself familiar with in the past few days. Below I will summarise what ive done so far and what difficulties i'm experiencing. 1. Installed Kodi and Genesis on Laptop and works fine but when you select a move title or tv show there a notable lag to...
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    usb stick with channel list

    is it possible to load a iptv channel list onto a usb stick and put it in the fire t and then watch iptv channels from the stick via the fire tv ? thanks
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    Watchup app

    Try this app on FireTv . You can make up your own newscast from lots of sources.
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    Fire TV 2 Announced

    Next generation fire tv been announced today Available for pre order Supports 4k Micro sd card slot Controllers now use wifi instead of bluetooth Alexa New processor Full spec and details here
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    new fire tv

    seen this on aftvnews today. new fire tv to be revealed thursday 17th sept.
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    [Request] Need some help with my AFTV box that suddenly stopped playing apps

    I bought this setup already off of ebay so I don't know anything on how to reinstall and fix this. All I know is I have a pretty frusterated girlfriend because we can't watch anything right now. everything was working fine until a couple days ago and not sure what happened. Came home after...
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    Firestick issues

    I have installed kodi on a new firestick using firestarter and adb fire. Installs fine and loads great Issue is when i install any individual repository or any custom build All seems to load fine and and updates run fine saying that they are loaded When I go into anything I have installed all...
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    Kodi home screen button

    Hello, Sorry if this has been asked before. Is there a way to get to the home screen of kodi on the amazon firestick via remote or do I have to keep pressing the back button a bunch of times? The home button brings me back to firestick's home screen only. I've tried firestarter but it doesn't...
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    Reason why some streams in Genesis stops?

    Hello I using Genesis to watch movies it keeps getting bumped out of it. Could it be the stream I'm using? I like using Promptfile which works well but for some reason, it kicks me out at end of the movie like about 25 mins before movie ends. Has someone experienced this? Please help! Thanks.
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    need help with nitpicking issue

    thanks to the wonderful guide here at tvaddons i was able to load tvmc onto a fire stick. my small nitpicking issue is that after I was done the "drive-in classics" icon didnt change to the tvmc icon shown in the guide. not the biggest issue but if possible id like to change it. thanks in...
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    Can I transfer my pictures to tvmc?

    Hello I want to transfer my pictures I wanna set as my background image in tvmc on my Amazon firetv box and the only way I was able to do that is using my flash drive. If I pull out my flash drive which contains the image I wanted to use from the background, would it still display in tvmc screen...
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    adb issues pushing apk

    Hi all, Having issues with adb, trying to push apk to the amazon fire tv and the status bar in adb fire just goes around in a loop without installing. I can use llama to mess about and that connects and works. Unsure what is going on when I try to push the apk? Never had any issues previously...