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    Help to setup xbmc on crystal on atv1..

    Hello I would like to know if someone can help me with setup xbmc on crystal with addons,i know someone posted question but never was answered.( pleaze help.what do I pick
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    Need help!

    Hi everyone, When I first got an atv1 a couple months ago I installed xbmc and then I installed 1 channel and ice films, It worked perfectly for a good 3-4 months but then xbmc wouldn't even open from the main menu... So I restored it to the factory settings and I installed xbmc on it(exactly...
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    loving this crystalbuntu malarky

    Love the new crystal bunutu on the apple tv 1 now ive sussed it plus it means all the ones i have sold to people can be updated at £25 a pop ch ching
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    weird problem

    hi all its little old me a mate of mine has done a factory reset on atv 1 recently he doesn't wont it jailbreaking but when he did the factory reset it gets too the language screen which English is highlighted,but the problem is the remote is married or paired up to it but it wont move of the...
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    Hub Wizard and ATV1 with Crystalbuntu

    Is this possible? On ebay they are showing it as installed and working on the ATV1.
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    Apple tv silver won't work

    Hi, Everyone. One of my apple tv silver has stopped working. I tried to restore it, but it won't let me. After restarting it several times, i get to set the language and then go to the factory restore option. The progress bar stays blank, and after a while it tells me that there is an error...
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    Problem setting up ATV1

    Hello all, I just got my ATV1 and trying to JB it, but when I try to make the USB stick, i keep getting the below message. Please helppppp Downloading 2Z694-6013-013.dmg... Download complete! Extracting boot.efi ... Extracting recovery seed ... extracting Creating USB Flash...
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    Crystalbuntu on apple tv 1

    I put unbuntu on a stick and chose to install to hardrive my question is at what point is xbmc installed as i had a progress bar saying installing latest xbmc and it didn't move for hours so i stacked it i basically need a very very simple guide on getting buntu onto apple tv 1 and getting xbmc...
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    ebay listing for apple tv 1 usb stick vs. creating crystalbuntu usb manually

    Hi all, I've got a apple tv 1 that is jail broken and running xbmc eden version 11. However, a lot of addons no longer work now. So I've been thinking to get the following Apple TV 1 USB Stick from this ebay listing...
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    Would it be possible to...

    Hi all, Quick question. I have just installed Crystalbuntu on ATV1 for someone and it is working really well on my wired connection. After spending 1/2hr trying to put it on the wireless in the owners home i have since discovered that i will need a wifi dongle as built in wifi won't work...
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    Atv 1 wont let me upload log...

    hello first thank you for you guys helping me out on one other solution i know some of the repos dont work on eden 11.0,lately i am having issue with channel1 and mash up script when i go to maintenence to upload logs,i get script error.i know can use sh or putty,can...
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    Help Setup Apple tv 1 with openelec...

    Hello,I have jailbroken a couple apple TV 1s with USB Creator,and I know that the apple TV 1 needs frodo xbmc on it.and I know with openelec and crystal? You can get frodo on apple TV..I would like some help on how to do openelec on the apple TV,I appreciate if someone can help me.thank...
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    hi all on the apple tv 1st generation where can I install the librtmp where does it go
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    This for those of you who would like to share details/photos/& general details on your set up. Please post your setup in the subforum that best matches your hardware setup ;)
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    Apple Keyboard Wireless

    Hey guys i have a question, im running xbmc frodo on an apple tv and i was wondering if i can get it to connect with the apple tv to make searching easier? Anyone know how to?
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    ATV win 3.0 - did it before but trying it with a new hard drive

    I was able to successfully create and apply an ATV usb patchstick, made in windows, on the original hard drive on the AVT1. I recently installed a Crystal HD Card (015) and a 1tb sata drive in the ATV and got it up and running with an crystalbuntu OS restore. It works fine as a stock ATV. But...
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    Wifi Connection Wizard?

    hi, i have a few RPI that i am running openelec and love it. so i decided to put it on my ATV 1st Gen. after getting it fulling installed i see that the connection wizard isn't on there and you have to enter the wifi info in manually... will there be a wizard this is a great feature for people...
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    usb creator

    hi everyone this is my first post so please forgive me as i am a newbie but i am stuck i have apple tv 1st gen i have installed xbmc using usb creator everything went well installed perfectly updated eden installed fusion and the 1Ch**nel and xbmc hub maintenance got the fix for the 1Ch**nel...
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    Image of atv 1 and a flashing question mark above it

    Installed a crystal hd card , installed crystal buntu and all working great however after a reboot I know get a picture on screen of the Apple TV with a flashing question mark above it !! Tried to restore with the crystal buntu restore USB stick but no joy :( Anybody got any advice on how to...
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    Just a heads up

    Hey all just a heads up if your running Eden the only way to upgrade to Frodo ( which I recommend you do for various reason) you will need to be running a Linux build, support for the atv1 os has ceased. To take full advantage of the builds (either crystalbuntu or openelec) you will need to...