apple tv 1

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    update xbmc

    how to update xbmc from 13.1 to 13.2
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    Apple TV 1st Gen with XBMC Eden - Dependancies Not Met

    I have recently obtained an Apple TV 1st Gen which has been successfully jailbroken. At this point I am able to install XBMC with ATVFlash, but once i try to install add-ons, I get errors like : Dependancies Not Met, Broken Add-ons Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks
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    how do i compile drivers? + + crystal card + atv1 = :D :D :D so who wants to teach me how to compile a driver? i have a nintendo ds wifi usb adaptor lying around, i don't want to buy another adaptor i just want to use...
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    xbmc ubuntu appletv1 restart

    Hey I just JB my atv1 with crystal ubuntu without the broadcom card. (so wifi only) I noticed that when I reboot the ATV it wont boot to ubuntu/xbmc unless the USB is still plugged in. Did i do something wrong? or is this normal? thanks!
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    which xbmchub installer to use for atv1 with openelec?

    Hey guys... after reading lots of threads... I decided to install the openelec on the atv1 as it seems crystalubuntu is only working properly with the broadcom card that i dont have. So afterwards I went ahead and loaded fusion and wanted to use the wizard to supercharge the atv1.... however...
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    Apple TV Crystal Ubuntu without broadcom card?

    Hey I wanted to updated my atv1 with a more recent JB I do not have a BCM70015 chip in it... it is stock with the 160gb hdd and the wifi. Is it possible for me to install the Crystal Ubuntu to use with the wifi? Or is it not recommended? thanks
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    help me I can't find where to put this

    Never mind! How do I delete this post?
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    ATV1 WiFi lost... Hep.

    Hi, This is my first post so please forgive me. I have an ATV 1 Running OpenElec and Frodo 12.2 It has worked brilliantly until the box stopped connecting to my WiFi. I have tried connecting with ethernet directly and the problem persists. Under Network the link says not connected. I am not...
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    Apple Tv gen1 Amber light keep flashing

    hey guys. l have read all the posting about this issue on here. l have change battery and put a new hard drive but still my apple tv keep on flashing with amber light.can someone please help me out? Thanks:confused:
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    Atv1 audio issue

    Hello everyone, I have an atv1 running openelec. Xbmc works fine but I do not have audio on any stream.It seems like the audio is turned off and any attempt of change under the audio setting freezes the atv1. Any idea on how to fix this issue is welcome.:confused:
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    how do u not take updates on jb appl1 tv , running crystalbuntu

    forget what I do if I don't want updates , how do I find it again on my apple 1 tv
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    If my atv1 crystalbuntu auto update in gotham 13.0

    How to update again to 13.1 i have the problem of the subtitles don't show?
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    how do i update xbmc on my apple 1 to Ghotam 13.1 or does it have to be rejailbreaked
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    apple tv 1st gen

    hi all just installed broadcom crystall hd card in my jailbroken apple tv it is running gotham 13.1 the latest but i would like to use it as wireless i have purchased a wireless usb adabtor but do not see it in crystalbuntu settings or is it some were else thanks for any help
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    can i keep apple 1 tv on frodo ?

    have apple 1 tv , cant get wireless with gotham , just want to know if I keep crystalbuntu on usb stick instead of putting it on hard drive , will xbmc be Frodo or will it upgrade to gotham , I did crystalbuntu to harddrive on my apple 1 tv and wireless worked great with Frodo but it updated...
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    ATV1 Set UP Concerns

    Hi, An absolute newbie here. My config is a MACPRO and an ATV1. I have a few questions, they may sound simple, but they are a concern for me. If you can assist it would be appreciated and Thanks in advance. 1. I've tried to install using ATV USB Creator for Mac as indicated on the Downloads...
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    Can you install VPN for 1st gen ATV

    Been looking at this thread for installing PIA VPN for the Pi It was going well for installing OpenVPN at root and setting up the certificates etc until t mentions that the...
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    Trying to get ubuntu onto ATV1

    Hi guys, I've been messing around with this for some time now. I remember I had full blown ubuntu desktop installed on my ATV before and I since took it off and am trying to get it back. I know there's this guide: but I don't think I...
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    ATV USB Creator and Gotham

    I have a question (again) If I install XBMC on apple using ATV USB Creator, can I install Gotham on an Apple 1? :confused: I have recently installed crystalbuntu but this is a (eden, I think) version? thanks
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    New to ATV 1

    Hey guys. I'm really sorry if this has been covered before, I'm struggling to install any repos with fusion. Nothing seems to install or work as intended, my Apple TV and is running Gotham. I have also upgraded to a crystal hd card, and was wondering if I need to configure it so it will work...