apple tv 1

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    lost wireless on apple 1 tv

    my apple tv updated itself it seems to gotham , had Frodo 12.3 on it , worked wireless , now that its got gotham on lost wireless , go to network manger ,says its broken , know someone said it will still work if u click on it in a diff post on here , my networkmanager still says broken
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    XBMC indicates 'not connected' on ATV1

    Recently acquired a 40GB Appele tv1 running openelec with HD card and USB wifi. Displays 1Ch**nel, Ic*f*lms and **** streams movies and tv shows perfectly. My problem is that when I try to install the 'fusion' installer, XBMC tells me that I'm 'not connected'! If I can watch movies, how can I...
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    Logitech smart control volume issue

    Im wondering how you get the ATV1 volume on the logitech smart control as its the tv control that controls the volume. I can get all other devices volume controls via the device not the tv volume except ATV1. I have tried customizing keys but no luck.
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    Can I actually run XBMC from a USB on my ATV1 ?

    Hi Folks Although I've enjoyed many years of fun with my ATV1 I have to admit that I never really understood how it all worked and now find myself out of my depth once again..... hopefully someone here will be able to help! I have had XBMC running Eden on my ATV1 for some time now but recently...
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    Appletv 1 output major issues

    Guyz I have a very strange issue, i have two apple tv 1s here both with crystalhd cards in them and i have a sumvision nano slim. I have a samsung 51 inch tv in the lounge, now both apple tvs the max resolution i can get is 1024x768 the picture is awful. If I Plug the sumvision in I can get...
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    Copying XBMC setup

    Can some tell how I can copy the setup from one unit to another unit. I using Apple Tv 1 running Openelec
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    no wireless on apple 1 tv problem

    just jb friends apple 1 tv , its 40 g hd , wireless worked before jb ,did network manager , used Crystalbunte just did my own apple 1 tv jb and wireless worked fine , didn't have to use network manager on my one ,any idea how to get wireless working on this apple tv
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    trying diff usb sticks on apple tv 1 ,not putting xbmc on apple tv

    tried 2 diff usb sticks with Crystalbuntu on them to jb apple 1 tv , both work on apple tv for xbmc ,when I pull usb stick out from back of apple tv I get no xbmc , just goes back to reg apple tv ,why is xbmc not going on apple tv ?
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    what did i do wroung jb apple tv 1

    have apple tv 1 , jailbroke it with usb stick and Crystalbuntu, when I leave usb stick in , xbmc works and it conects to internet wired in to apple tv ,doesn't work wireless , I take out usb stick , and I don't get xbmc on apple tv and it works wireless ,don't get it , how do I get apple tv 1...
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    help with jailbroken apple 1 tv no wireless and do i leave usb stick in back of it

    just jb apple tv 1 fir 1st time , used usb stick and Crystalbuntu, got it going , but when I unplug enternert cord from back of apple tv , wont work wireless , works with enternet cord in it , how do I get it working wireless ? and do I have to leave the usb stick in back of apple tv to get...
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    On Screen Menu

    Hello guys I am wondering how to bring up the on screen menu on an apple 1? I have no problem finding this on other boxes (OUYA, Appl 2) but I cannot find on Apple 1 Thanks MUCH
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    Broadcom HD card with OpenELEC

    Hi, I've had a quick search through this thread and I don't think my question has been answered yet, forgive me if it's already been covered. I am running OpenELEC and have just received the Crystal HD card. After I install the card, will I have to do anything else to get XBMC to use the new...
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    Apple TV remote unpairing

    I have a problem with the Apple remotes on my XBMC running under OpenElec. I have several remotes and they are ALL paired to my system. I want to have just one paired so that I can operate my ATV3 independently, but while the ATV1 is also running. 1/ I tried holding down the MENU & LEFT buttons...
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    Apple Tv 1 Breaking

    I have (the first of many LOL) questions concerning adding XBMC to an Apple 1 on the directions here it says get ATV USB Creator then launch ...leave settings, press Create Using, wait Then it says to unplug Apple Tv Device... One question is; where was plugged in prior to this unplugging...
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    fusion in apple tv 1 using crystalbuntu when click on fusion its empty

    as i said its empty . i can not access the repos any help need to download manually fresh xvmc hub or anything else thx
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    Download help questions ok to post?

    thought i may have seen somewhere might not be ok to ask download questions....sorry if thats the case, feel free to delete this or tell me so i can....... but if it is ok then wats the best way to have a download queue that ideally will not tell u when there is an error or ask if u want to...
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    DBMC Dropbox addon help needed or other way to reach zip file

    hi all, atv1 here w standard remote, and the offical xbmc free iphone remote. tried installing from zip the crzen N*vi X freeze fix but zip file shows as empty when i do it standard way of going entering url of zip etc. so other option to reach the zip is via my dropbox. i have dbmc, it loads...
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    Apple tv 1st wifi problem

    apple tv 1s is not showing the access point or wifi list so i can choose from . i did download network manager for the wifi using crystalbuntu hdd option and not from usb boot . i did many of these apple tv 1 st same way and i had no problem connecting to the wifi . is it the wifi card...
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    No Choice for APPLE TV 1 for ????

    Chooses are Mac/windows/ouya/andriod/iDevices/ATV(it says appletv2 in the picture) /Pivos/Matrcom/Linux(not openelec) I used Openelec to root my apple tv 1using this guide So what now? Can I use the atv2...
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    Just got a apple to noy jail broken.

    I was wondering where I can find the most up to date guide for jailbreaking and adding xbmchub on here? Much thanks for all your good work on here