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    Can the Apple Tv 2 still use airplay?

    Hey reddit, So I just bought a Apple Tv 2 from ebay for really cheap. My TV is only 32 inches and only supports 720p so I figured “why not?”... but looking online I couldn’t find the answer that I was looking for, which is: does the Apple Tv 2 support airplay (through wifi) with a Iphone X? I...
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    addons for Amazon Video prime

    hello, my appletv is jailbroken. i insttaled nitro and kodi. how may i add repository and addons? before there was a zip file to open but it doens't work anymore woth old nito installer. thanks
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    ******** favourtires

    hello, im not sure i am posting this in the correct place, sorry if it should be somewhere else. I have been looking for the answer to this question for quite a few days now and i am completely unsure how to figure it out. I have been starting at my pc for hours trying to figure it out with no...
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    jailbroken apple tv2 not recognised by Nito

    Hello, I am new here and have just jail broken my Apple tv2 with a guide posted on tvaddons website: Everything went well I then proceeded to change my root pass using Nito and another guide, again from one of Tvaddons pages...
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    ATV2 crashes with KODI continously HELP!

    I have done a fresh install from Firecore "jailbreak" to a new NitoTv installer. Then installed KODI and the through fusion installer. Every time I start a movie on 1Ch**nel, or Ex**us, Kodi Crashes. I even tried installing XBMC Gotham to see if it is more stable than KODI...
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    Appletv 2

    So I have been out of the game for a bit, but my apple tv2 seems to be working, but not to good. Are we able to update this at all? Or should I toss it. Thanks
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    Cydia/iFaith Server Problems. Urgent Help Needed.

    Hi all. Is the Cydia/iFaith Server down at the moment or is it just me? If it's down, does anyone have any idea when it will be up again? Is there any other way to Jailbreak my Apple TV's? I'm getting desperate and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Cheers
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    A question regarding Apple TV 3 Jailbreak?

    Since Apple TV 3 is very similar to Apple TV 2, is it possible to set Apple TV 3 settings same that of Apple TV 2, so that this way it gives you a possibility to jailbreak Apple TV 3?
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    Apple TV 2/NitoTV Help

    Hey all, Im new to the forum as I have posted on several different ones but cannot receive any replies or help. I am hoping someone on this forum can help me, I've posted on a couple other forums and cannot get a response, so Im hoping someone here can help me solve this. I purchased an...
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    Apple TV 3 no jailbreak

    Hello guys, just wanted to ask you guys if there is an option to install kodi on an apple tv 3 just like the non-jailbroken option for the iPad? Thanks for your responses. Regards!!
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    Uninstall XBMC?

    I just installed Kodi 14.2 on my ATV 2 and I was wondering if there is a way to unstall the XBMC icon on the front page and leave the Kodi icon?
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    Request ATV 2 Still useful?

    I have a few questions: can I still jailbreak my Apple TV 2 and load KODI 14.2 on it? Is there a newer version of KODI that is still compatible?
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    Atv2 help with Genesis pls

    Hi, sorry I'm a real novice-just got a jailbreak atv2 wiv Kodi 14.2. I'm trying to use Genesis (5.1.4) but the film playbacks are stuttery on HD 720, and really stuttery on 1080. Tried a hard wire to router, no change. Other Addons (Pho*nix) seem to work so I'm s bit lost. Any help wud be...
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    Apple TV 4

    with the intro to Apple TV 4: just wondering if there will be a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3?? :p
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    Genesis add on freezing

    Good Morning, I own a jail broken Apple TV 2 . I just noticed on 10/4 that the Genesis add on is freezing after I attempt to click on any tv or movie link. It starts with the stream opening and says it's searching and then it freezes .The only way to get out of it is to unplug and re plug it...
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    How to access a repo Settings on the Atv2 Remote?

    Hello, This maybe asked before, but i can't find any info on it. So i have installed an repo and when you go over that repo , there is an option to get the settings for that app, so you can do a clear chace for that specific app or edit some settings. So how do i get there? i have the atv2...
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    File manager

    When I try to add a new source in the file manager the keyboard comes up empty. Cannot type in anything. pretty strange indeed.:confused:
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    Release ATV FLASH BLACK 2.6 Windows & Mac

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    Need help to add AddOns/Repos to Apple TV2

    Hi guys. Just joined from the UK having installed Kodi 14.2 to my Apple TV 2. Can anyone advise me on how to add the BBTS Repo from on my Apple TV2? I got it working on my Macbook as you can install the ZIP file from the HDD, but as the ATV has no memory I don't...
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    Seasonpass No Longer Works On MAC?

    After a long hiatus from jailbreaking, I just attempted to re-jailbreak a formerly jailbroken Apple 2. Although every attempt ended in a "successful" restoration, nothing could be farther from the truth. The ATV's are now stuck in the "connect to iTunes" screen, and no matter how many times I...