arabic tv

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    glarabic login

    hi I use to get trialtoken from glwiz for while now they telling me system not available for few minute,any different way to get the code can any body help thanks in advance
  2. M

    Regarding AlQudseyes Addons

    Hello to all, is any one know how can I fix the problem with AlQudseyes addons to make it work again?
  3. H

    Arabic addon

    Is there any stable arabic addon coming up instead of Shani??
  4. M

    Persian TV

    Any chance for persian tv section and channels ? Many thanks
  5. O

    Audio, but no video (black screen) on some Arabic addons (eg AlArab)

    Downloaded the Arabic XBMC Addons Repository for a friend, and enabled the addons. However when I go into some of these addons (eg AlArab) I am getting audio but no video. And yet others are working without any problems. Have switched accelerator between software and hardware accelerated and no...
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    Hi Any one please help, I can not get Arabic channels Thanking you