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    iPhone 6s cannot connect to google half of the time?

    My iPhone has a lot of trouble with google services. I’m wondering if it’s by design because I know apple and google aren’t the best of friends. None of my windows devices ever have trouble connecting to google, and my iPhone does it on data and WiFi. But about 1 in 3 times that I try to search...
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    Question 'Cannot connect to TVADDONS.CO Repository, No updates are available'.

    Hi, Kodi was backed up using Backup and Restore Wizard it's was necessary for me to reinstall Windows 10, so with or without my VPN enabled the error message 'Could not connect to TVADDOS.CO repository' and No updates available persists. Kodi build 19.0.0/TVADDOS.CO version 3.0.0 - will not...