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    CNTV only sound

    I have been using CNTV addon on Kodi 17.6 for quite some time on a Linux computer and on a Raspberry Pi. Everything works fine until a week or 2 ago. All the CCTV channels gives only sound but the video is blurred/distorted. I have try changing all the video settings but so far nothing helps...
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    WARNING: CreateLoader - unsupported protocol

    I have kodi v17.3 running on an OpenSuSE 42.2 Linux desktop computer and its ~/.kodi/temp/kodi.log shows a lot of the following ERROR messages. I really don't know what causes this. However, can anyone here please help? 09:57:44.453 T:140122745136896 ERROR: SQL: [Textures13.db] Attempt to...
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    CNTV EPG not working in PVR IPTV Simple Client

    Using the Indigo utility, I have installed CNTV LIVE ADDON on either a Linux desktop computer and/or an MXQ Pro Android TV Box (running on a LibreELEC OS with Kodi v17.1) and am able to watch some CNTV Live channels, i.e. CCTV-3, XMTV, etc. From the CNTV Live package, I notice it does come with...
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    Chinese Subtitles

    My family is from Shanghai and it helps to have the subtitles for the different movies and TV shows. Recently the apps for the Chinese subtitles is failing can any one help with this?
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    Display chinese language

    How do i get Kodi to display chinese language properly for addons like youkuTV and LeTV? Right now the words are showing up in square boxes
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    Looking For Suggestions/Help

    I'm setting up Kodi on a device for my brother and sister-in-law. She's Chinese and I would like to include some Chinese language video add-ons for her. Any suggestions on which ones are good? My brother is also a fan of Korean dramas (subtitled, LOL). Thanks in advance.
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    tv pad 3 gone, whats about for line and on demand chinese channels

    My neighbour has been using tv pad 3 with UBTV for years and this month it seems the DNS that moved last month is now dead and 100`s if not 1000`s of chinese people are all unable to watch chinese tv on demand when they want some apps for kodi and android work as a live tv app, but nothing for...
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    Any Working CCTV/CNTV Addons ?

    Seems like all the addons for them are dead ! Never thought I would be looking for working CCTV/CNTV addons since they were so abundant before.
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    Chinese addon (LeTv)

    Is the Chinese (Letv) down?